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acA640-120um - Basler ace

The Basler acA640-120um USB 3.0 camera with the Sony ICX618 CCD sensor delivers 120 frames per second at VGA resolution.

USB3 Vision
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  • Basler ace - acA640-120um
  • Basler ace - acA640-120um
  • Basler ace - acA640-120um
  • Basler ace - acA640-120um
  • Basler ace - acA640-120um
  • Basler ace - acA640-120um

General Information

Discontinuation: 08/2018
Order Number 106223
Product Line ace classic


Sensor Vendor Sony
Sensor ICX618
Shutter Global Shutter
Max. Image Circle 1/4"
Sensor Type CCD
Sensor Size 3.7 mm x 2.8 mm
Resolution (H x V) 659 px x 494 px
Resolution VGA
Pixel Size (H x V) 5.6 µm x 5.6 µm
Frame Rate 120 fps
Mono/ Color Mono


EMVA Quantum Efficiency (typical) 61.8 %
Dark Noise (typical) 11.7 e¯
Saturation Capacity (typical) 17.8 ke¯
Dynamic Range (typical) 63.7 dB
Signal- to -Noise Ratio 42.5 dB

Camera Data

Interface USB 3.0
Pixel Bit Depth 12 bits
  • software trigger
  • hardware trigger
  • free-run
Exposure Control
  • programmable via the camera API
  • hardware trigger
Digital Input 1
Digital Output 1
General Purpose I/O 2
Power Requirements
  • Via USB 3.0 interface
Power Consumption (typical) 2.4 W


Housing Type Box
Housing Size (L x W x H) 29.3 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm
Lens Mount
  • C-mount
Housing Temperature 0 - 50°C
Weight (typical) 80g


  • CE
  • RoHS
  • GenICam
  • IP30
  • USB3 Vision
  • UL
  • FCC


  • CRC Checksum
  • Counter Value
  • Exposure Time
  • Gain
  • Line Status All
  • Sequencer Set Active
  • Timestamp
Event Reporting
  • Exposure End
  • Frame Burst Start
  • Frame Burst Start Overtrigger
  • Frame Burst Start Wait
  • Frame Start
  • Frame Start Overtrigger
  • Frame Start Wait
Image Acquisition Control
  • Acquisition Start Trigger
  • Acquisition Status
  • Frame Burst Start Trigger
  • Frame Start Trigger
  • Trigger Delay
  • Triggered by Hardware
  • Triggered by Software
  • Device Information Parameters
  • Remove Parameter Limits
  • User Defined Values
  • User Sets (Configuration Sets)
Physical Interface and I/O Control
  • Debouncer
  • I/O Signals: Frame Burst Start Wait
  • I/O Signals: Frame Start Wait
  • I/O Signals: Timer 1 Active
  • I/O Signals: User Output
  • Minimum Output Pulse Width
Pixel Formats
Standard Features
  • Auto Function Profile
  • Binning Horizontal
  • Binning Vertical
  • Black Level
  • Digital Shift
  • Exposure Auto
  • Exposure Mode: Timed (Control via API)
  • Exposure Mode: Trigger Width (Control via External Trigger)
  • Gain
  • Gain Auto
  • Gamma Correction
  • Lookup Table (LUT)
  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Reverse X (Horizontal Mirroring)
  • Test Images


The category “Manuals” contains User’s Manuals and Installation Guides for your camera. These documents provide detailed information about proper installation and use of your Basler camera.

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White Papers

Basler White Papers provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamental theory of industrial image processing. The authors are all experts in their respective fields and go into detail on relevant thematic points of interest to novices and experienced users alike.

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Success Stories

Basler Success Stories describe a broad diversity of applications and potential uses for Basler camera models on a variety of markets. They explain the requirements Basler’s customers had to face while designing their image processing system and how Basler cameras successfully contributed to resolving the problem.

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Application Notes

Application Notes provide information beyond the scope of the user’s manuals related to working with Basler cameras, components and software. They typically contain detailed instructions on optimizing your camera or configuring the software.

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Marketing Notes

Basler Marketing Notes highlight noteworthy information about the technical properties and features of various camera models. The notes focus strongly on product-related topics, offering insights from the point of view of a Basler product manager.

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The EMVA 1288 Standard from the European Machine Vision Association defines a uniform method for measuring specification parameters for cameras and image sensors in industrial image processing. It also describes how this process makes the values more easily comparable.

This measurement report describes the specifications for Basler ace cameras.

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CAD / Technical Drawings

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings for the Basler ace contain technical drawing of the camera in 2D and a volume model in 3D.

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Basler product brochures provide an overview of the many benefits offered by Basler ace cameras. They describe technical characteristics and camera features and offer detailed information about the technical specifications.

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Release Notes

Release Notes are part of the documentation for the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite and contain not just release data and software version information, but also notes on improvements, known bugs and changes.

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ReadMe files are short sets of instruction related to software installation. They are included in plain text form as part of the documentation of the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. They typically contain information about system requirements, performance optimizations, sample programs, environmental variables and version information.

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Certificates such as the Declaration of EC Conformity, the ISO 9001 Certificate and the KCC Certificate document that Basler products conform to the respective standards and guidelines.

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Mechanical drawing for acA640-120um

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