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  • We give Robots the Power of Sight

    With Basler's easy-to-use, industrial-grade stereo camera series and modular application software, you can make your robots perform at their best!

    Get to know Basler's Stereo Cameras
  • We give Robots the Power of Sight

    The new dart models with Sony Pregius S sensor deliver outstanding image quality for your robotics application, thanks to small form factor, low weight and low power consumption.

    Discover the new dart models
  • We Give Robots the Power of Sight

    Discover the possibilities of the blaze 3D Time-of-Flight camera.

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We Give Robots the Power of Sight

In many companies today, robots are already performing tasks that are difficult or impossible or very monotonous for humans to perform. They achieve consistent quality and reliability and are often faster than humans. However, the areas of application are limited, since a robot can only perform a specific task in a limited range of motion. Computer vision can make robots "smarter" and help to expand their fields of application. We at Basler are experts in the field of computer vision. We give robots the power of sight.

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Image-Guided Robots: Flexible Thanks to Computer Vision

Robots Without Vision Systems

Modern robots can be used in many areas and for a wide variety of applications. Without "sense of sight", however, they quickly reach their limits, especially when they work directly with humans as cobots. More intelligent and sophisticated applications, which should work reliably under flexible conditions, are usually not feasible without vision systems.

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Smarter Robots - Thanks to Computer Vision

With vision-guided robots, the "sense of sight" is the decisive characteristic for performing even more complex and intelligent tasks than a "blind" robot system. The sense of sight enables the robot to react with more flexibly to its environment and thus to perform more diverse tasks. This performance opens up opportunities for many applications, such as Factory Automation, Logistics, Medical & Life Sciences, Retail or Agriculture.

Object detection and localization

Guided by a vision system, robotic applications do not depend on an accurate object positioning. The robot can detect, localize and pick an object if it is within the defined working space.

Object identification and sorting

Guidance by a vision system enables the robotic application to sort based on object identification. Each object can trigger an individual action, e.g. sorting into different categories.

Discover New Possibilities Thanks to Vision-guided Robotics

Robots that can see can perform tasks that would otherwise require a great deal of time, effort and ultimately cost.

There are many applications that can benefit from vision-guided robotics.

Material Handling & Transport

Material Handling and Transport

Vision-guided robotics enable performance of tasks such as pick-and-place, labeling, palletizing, packaging and material transport. Increased flexibility, optimized collaboration with employees and reliable operation are just some of the possible benefits.

 Process and Quality Control

Process and Quality Control

Inspection of parts, metrology, classification, assembly and machine tending - all these applications require imaging for a stable and safe implementation. With the right vision system for robotics, higher accuracy, higher throughput or less downtime can be achieved.

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Basler Components for Vision-guided Robotics!

Whether you are a vision expert or not - we offer you an extensive selection of high-quality, compatible vision components for your individual, powerful and cost-optimized image processing solution. Are you looking for 3D or 2D cameras, mounted on or off the robot arm, or ROS compatibility, or different software options? With our many years of experience in the field of machine vision, we can advise you competently and help you develop and implement your vision solution.

Vision technology is becoming more and more relevant for robot applications. As a vision expert, you have probably already recognized this. We show you here how you can successfully combine both technologies.

Extensive Portfolio

Extensive Portfolio

  • Cameras with resolutions from VGA to 24 MP
  • Cameras with global shutter for applications with moving objects; cameras with rolling shutter for cost-sensitive applications
  • Time-of-Flight cameras for precise and cost-efficient 3D imaging
  • Compatible components: lenses and lighting matched to the application, cables suitable for drag chains
Robotics-Compliant Interfaces

Robotics-Compliant Interfaces

  • Standard USB3.0 interface with high throughput
  • GigE interface, if the camera is mounted outside the arm (off-arm) slightly offset or further away
  • Both interfaces are supported by all common industrial PCs and embedded systems and also by many robot controllers.

Amazingly Easy Integration into Robotics

Set up Your Vision System

  • ROS compatibility: The Robot Operating System (ROS) ensures the compatibility of all components - this of course also applies to our cameras.
  • drag&bot as manufacturer-independent middleware - in combination with the drag&bot software, vision integration into your robot application becomes quite easy.
  • Integration into many well-known, already existing robotic systems (Epson, ABB, TM)

If you are an expert in the field of robotics and would like to know how your application can benefit from vision solutions, you have come to the right place.

Stability and Reliability

Stability and Reliability

  • Basler cameras offer a high degree of reliability, making them stand out from consumer cameras.
  • Our cameras are more flexible and much cheaper than smart cameras.
  • Basler cameras are GenICam-compliant, which ensures that integration is stable over time.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Comprehensive Portfolio

  • Resolutions from VGA to 24 MP
  • Global and rolling shutter
  • Compatible components
  • 3D cameras for depth information
  • Convenient online tools for easy selection of the components: Lens Selector, Vision System Configurator

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

  • pylon Camera Software Suite as programming interface for all camera models
  • Many code examples and assistance for easy setup of the camera system
  • ROS compatibility

Do you need help in choosing the right vision system and components? We are happy to help!

Contact our Sales Team!

Configure Your Vision System

We can help you to configure your vision system. With the help of our pylon camera drivers for the Robot Operating System (ROS) and the integration of our camera drivers
into the drag&bot software for robotics, this becomes easier than you think. In addition, our online tool, the Vision Solution Guide,
offers advice on finding the right camera and accessories for your vision application.

Robot Vision Software

Robot Vision Software

Easily integrate Basler 2D cameras into your robot application using the pylon Camera Software Suite, which is integrated into the drag&bot software.

The pylon camera driver for ROS (Robot Operating System) enables the use of GigE and USB 3.0 cameras in robotic applications.

Learn more about the robot vision software drag&bot More about the pylon camera driver for ROS

Vision Solution Guide

Camera Selector

Do you need help to find a suitable camera for your robotics application? The Selector guides you to the right area scan camera or you can switch to filters to see the whole camera portfolio.

Use the Camera Selector

News about Vision-guided Robotics

Higher Frame Rates: The dart Goes Full Steam for You!

Higher Frame Rates: The dart Goes Full Steam for You!

The extensive dart camera product range continues to grow. With twelve new USB 3.0 models, we are expanding your choices with two 2nd generation Sony Pregius sensors. The camera provides frame rates up to 525 fps, becoming even more versatile in challenging installation environments.

pylon Camera Driver for Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) 

pylon Camera Driver for Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) 

Basler customers can now develop robotics applications on the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2). Download the software package "pylon-ROS-Camera" for free.

New in Basler’s 3D Portfolio: Stereo Cameras with Modular Application Software for Vision-guided Robotics

New in Basler’s 3D Portfolio: Stereo Cameras with Modular Application Software for Vision-guided Robotics

Following the blaze Time-of-Flight camera, Basler is expanding its 3D portfolio with an easy-to-use and industrial-grade stereo camera series with modular application software for various vision-guided robotics applications. This is how you get your robots to perform at their best!

A Singular CXP-12 Harmony – New High Resolution boost Cameras with Interface Card as Bundle

A Singular CXP-12 Harmony – New High Resolution boost Cameras with Interface Card as Bundle

The boost bundle is the perfect solution for your CXP-12 image processing system. As an ideal complement to our new Basler boost cameras with fast and high-resolution CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor's XGS series, we also offer each of these CXP 2.0 cameras bundled with the specially developed CXP-12 Interface Card 1C. With this particularly harmonious interaction of both components, you benefit from smooth integration and gain a noticeable cost advantage. With the boost bundle, you get optimally matched components to simplify your hardware setup for your demanding CXP-12 image processing system from a single source supplier.

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