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VisualApplets – Visual Programming of FPGAs of Image Processing Applications

VisualApplets – visual FPGA programming

VisualApplets enables FPGA programming using a graphic user interface (GUI) without any hardware programming. The ability to program FPGAs via dataflow models makes it easy for software developers and application engineers to intuitively create unique designs for complex image processing workflows in just a few steps. The function and ease of the software has earned it several awards.

VisualApplets, developed by our Mannheim branch (formerly Silicon Software), is the integrated development environment for real-time applications on FPGAs in image processing. It enables access to FPGAs in image processing hardware (such as frame grabbers, industrial cameras, vision sensors, and image processing devices), allowing users to implement unique image and signal processing applications. The software makes it possible to intuitively create and process complex applications, use preconfigured sample applets, or integrate proprietary HDL libraries.

Programmable frame grabbers are available pre-licensed for use with VisualApplets.

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Software for FPGA Programming

The latest VisualApplets version combines all former standard extensions into a single license to empower your FPGA development:

  • The former ‘Expert’ extension (including ‘Parameters Translation’ and ‘Debugging’) allows existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog to be imported and processed as a generic operator
  • Operator libraries provide functions such as segmentation, classification (e.g., blob analysis), and JPEG compression
  • New operators that represent loops in the dataflow model, enabling resource-friendly calculations of image sequences and comparisons, as well as image batch processing on the FPGA
  • An enhanced FFT operator (Fast Fourier Transformation) to implement more complex filters requiring a high computing load (such as band-pass filters) with resource efficiency
Graphic FPGA development environment VisualApplets

License options

VisualApplets Test license

First download VisualApplets and install the software. After that, you can immediately try VisualApplets in demo mode.

To test your FPGA designs, you will need to buy a dongle and order a free VisualApplets IDE Evaluation License (20034). This allows you to test VisualApplets for 180 days. Request a test license

VisualApplets IDE license

Once you are familiar with VisualApplets, you can purchase the VisualApplets IDE license (20025) to easily complete your application development and continue using the software in future projects.
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VisualApplets Extensions

Extensions are available for purchase to suit individual needs.

VisualApplets Embedder equips a variety of vision hardware with VisualApplets.

VisualApplets Protection effectively protects your intellectual property, including VisualApplets designs and IP know-how.
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Model Number Model Name License Description Description
20025 VisualApplets IDE License VisualApplets IDE Complete package of VisualApplets
20026 VisualApplets IDE Multi-Users License VisualApplets IDE Complete package of VisualApplets for up to 5 users
20034 VisualApplets IDE Licence (Eval.) VisualApplets IDE Complete package of VisualApplets for evaluation
20023 VisualApplets Embedder VisualApplets Embedder Extension FPGA based image processing hardware becomes compatible with VisualApplets
20032 VisualApplets Embedder (Eval.) VisualApplets Embedder Extension FPGA based image processing hardware becomes compatible with VisualApplets for evaluation
20028 VisualApplets Design Safety-ID VisualApplets Protection Extension Unique Security Identifier Code of applets
20029 VisualApplets Design Safety-RTL VisualApplets Protection Extension Equipping frame grabbers with a security license suitable for an applet
108205 VisualApplets Dongle Accessories CodeMeter CmDongle for VisualApplets licenses

Frame grabbers programmable with VisualApplets

Select the right board for your image processing task from one of the most extensive frame grabber portfolios in the market. Our boards excel with robust image capture, image pre-processing, minimal latencies, and top speeds for all conventional camera interfaces. These programmable frame grabbers come pre-licensed for use with VisualApplets.
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Frame grabbers for all common interfaces

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