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  • Discover a New Galaxy with Basler’s CoaXPress 2.0 Solutions

    Our broad CoaXPress product portfolio is picking up speed. Enter our CoaXPress 2.0 galaxy and explore new worlds in machine vision.

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All CoaXPress 2.0 Components for Your System – More Performance, Less Complexity

Create sophisticated vision systems for applications with high bandwidths. We offer all CoaXPress (CXP-12) components at moderate system and implementation costs: cameras, interface cards, evaluation kits, software libraries, lenses, cables and other accessories.

boost V CXP-12 camera with additional components

New: boost V CXP-12 cameras for high resolutions and frame rates - Boost your Performance!

  • Six very compact, 4-channel camera models, with the latest Gpixel global shutter sensors (GSPRINT4521, GMAX0505, and GMAX3265)
  • Camera resolutions from 21 to 65 MP and frame rates up to 230 fps for high-speed applications
  • Evaluation kit included with each camera for smooth installation and system integration
  • pylon software (SDK) for cameras and interface cards; pylon vTools for image processing functions
  • Special feature set, including: Flat Field Correction, Tap Geometry Sorting, color features, and Dual ROI
  • Largest, fully compatible CoaXPress 2.0 portfolio on the market for maximum flexibility:
    Four-channel CXP-12 interface card with price advantage when combined with boost V; matching C-mount (for GMAX0505) and F-mount lenses (GSPRINT4521 and GMAX3265); Basler Standard cables (up to 30 meters) and drag chain-compatible Premium cables; Basler Standard Lights as a comprehensive lighting solution; external cooling system
  • All components are thoroughly tested according to the highest quality standards
  • Simplified system design for multi-camera applications reduces costs and increases productivity

Applications: Electronics: 3D AOI / SPI, flat panel inspection, factory automation (solar module inspection, battery inspection), semiconductor (wafer inspection), medical & life sciences, robotics.

Explore boost V cameras

New: CXP-12 Cameras with High Frame Rates of up to 400 fps – Boost Your Speed!

  • Eight new boost camera models with CXP-12 interface, 1 and 2 channels; also available as Evaluation Kits for a fast test and integration phase
  • Sony global shutter CMOS sensors IMX535, IMX536 and IMX537 (Sony 4th generation Pregius S) and IMX421 (Sony 3rd generation sensor) for resolutions of 2.8, 5, 8 and 12 MP at frame rates of up to 400 fps
  • With the high bandwidth of 2 x CXP-12, the maximum performance of the latest Sony Pregius S sensors can be exploited
  • Data cables of 20 and 30 meters now available, optionally drag-chain-compatible, with Micro-BNC (HD-BNC) connectors
  • pylon Camera Software Suite as SDK platform offers flexible configuration possibilities: use of multiple interface cards and multi-camera systems, combination of monochrome and color cameras
  • Reduced system complexity at a very good price/performance ratio with reduced costs; attractively priced combination of multichannel boost camera and CXP-12 interface card
  • Best suited for high-speed applications such as the inspection of electronic components and semiconductors as well as 3D AOI/SPI, ITS, and fast inspection processes such as sorting or process automation

Explore the boost high-speed cameras

New: High-resolution image processing system combining the boost camera and Basler F-mount Lens

  • High resolution across a large field of view
  • Fewer cameras are needed to cover a large field of view, resulting in less frame stitching and reduced CPU load
  • Outstanding image performance and reliability from lenses optimized for sensors up to 45 MP resolution
  • Quick and easy adjustment with blue dot on the iris range indicating the aperture setting for optimal sharpness. Focus and iris settings are lockable.
  • Carefully tested and matched components (camera, lens, interface card and software) for a future-oriented and efficient computer vision system from a single source
  • High reliability and smooth image processing ensured

Take a look at the following sample configuration. Other components can also be substituted to meet your specific application goals.

Get to know Basler’s high resolution vision system

Our CoaXPress galaxy

The Basler CoaXPress 2.0 galaxy opens up new worlds of technology with precisely coordinated system components including powerful software. Reduce your integration and system costs! Trust our more than 30 years of experience in machine vision to support you on your way to exploring new worlds with CXP-12 performance.

Click on the numbers in the image to learn more about the solution components.


The boost CXP-12 camera series delivers excellent image quality and fast transfer via CoaXPress 2.0. Benefit from an easy implementation with matching CXP-12 interface cards.

Discover the boost camera series


Our lenses with C- and F-mount offer cost-optimized, top quality for the most demanding applications. They are ideal for all our cameras with very high resolutions and speed.

Check suitable lenses

CXP-12 Interface Cards

The Basler CXP-12 interface cards, specially developed for boost cameras, are the perfect complement and the easiest entry into our CoaXPress galaxy.

Get to know the interface cards


The robust CoaXPress cables with standardized Micro-BNC (HD-BNC) connectors are industrial-grade and cost-efficient: fewer cables for higher bandwidths with CXP 2.0. Using the CoaXPress cable also the triggering and power supply of the camera are ensured.

CXP-12 coaxial cable


Easy implementation of the CXP-12 components (camera and interface card) with the pylon Camera Software Suite as a common SDK, saving additional software components.

pylon as single SDK

CXP-12 solutions for your application

With our various complete solutions consisting of harmonized CXP-12 components, you will find the right high-performance image processing system at an excellent price-performance ratio. From the application examples, you can access a matching configuration in our convenient Vision System Configurator. You can easily adapt the recommended configurations to your requirements by adding or removing components.
Do you have questions about our CXP-12 solutions for your application? Contact our sales team, who will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

Contact our experts

Galactic bandwidths with CoaXPress 2.0

CoaXPress 2.0 drives even more transmission power for large data volumes over longer distances. By combining standardized and perfectly matched vision components, system costs remain low and implementation is easy.

  • High bandwidths at maximum cable lengths (12.5 Gbps per channel), scalable up to 50 Gbps with 4 channels, ensuring maximum system speed and flexibility
  • Optional multi-camera setup
  • Single cable providing triggering and Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP)
  • Robust Micro BNC (HD BNC) connectors
  • High frame rates for maximum performance of the latest CMOS image sensors
  • Low-latency for use in real-time applications
  • Reduced complexity due to a single SDK (pylon) for camera and interface card. Implementation is fast and easy (plug and play)
  • Optional image preprocessing on interface cards
  • Perfect upgrade from older Camera Link or CXP 1.1.1 image processing systems
  • Comprehensive firmware feature set

Further information on CoaXPress

Would you like to learn more about CoaXPress? With our CoaXPress 2.0 information materials you are always in the picture. Find white papers, use cases, brochures and other important exciting documents about CXP-12 here.

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