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Why am I having problems using multiple network adapters in my PC?

If you have multiple network adapters in a single PC, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Only one adapter in the PC can be set to use auto IP assignment. If more than one adapter is set to use auto assignment, auto assignment will not work correctly and the cameras will not be able to connect to the network. In the case of multiple network adapters, it is best to assign fixed IP addresses to the adapters and to the cameras. You can also set the cameras and the adapters for DHCP addressing and install a DHCP server on your network.

  • Each adapter must be in a different subnet. The recommended range for fixed IP addresses is from to and from to These address ranges have been reserved for private use according to IP standards

  • If you are assigning fixed IP addresses to your cameras, keep in mind that for a camera to communicate properly with a network adapter, it must be in the same subnet as the adapter to which it is attached