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What makes an ace USB 3.0 camera so special?

The market offers a wide selection of industrial cameras with USB 3.0 interface. What makes Basler’s ace USB 3.0 so special is its extremely small footprint (29.3 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm) and its robustness. It is entirely USB3 Vision compatible, and provides – thanks to its 56MB frame buffer - additional advantages such as stability and flexibility. A wide range of firmware features on the proprietary FPGA, for example image preprocessing through debayering, color improvement, or automatic gain, are an additional bonus. Useful features such as sequencing or short-term image buffering completes the list of benefits. Furthermore, the camera boasts 4 Input/Output ports. What truly distinguishes the ace from its competitors is its extremely attractive performance-price-ratio. The camera is based on our tried and tested ace platform which has been on the market with GigE and Camera Link models since 2009, and which ranks among the most successful cameras of its class, worldwide.