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What about function and quality of USB 3.0 accessories?

To answer this question you have to differentiate between three cases:

What accessories does Basler offer and what are the benefits?

The Basler USB 3.0 complementary products were tested explicitly in different combinations. They ensure a stable running system. All parts have a Basler order number:

  • Cable: 3m and 5m mit USB 3.0 Standard A- and USB 3.0 Micro-B screw lock connector; upcoming: 8m cable
  • Hubs: One 4 Port Hub with mounting and 24V connection
  • Cards: 2 Port PCIexpress card with Renesas-Host Controller and 1 lane connection, upcoming: 4 port card with 4 lane connections.

Which kind of USB 3.0 accessories work well with our cameras in general?

For that we will have a whitelist “Basler whitelist USB 3.0 system components”. This whitelist lines up the different host controllers (cards or on-board), their bandwidth as well as possible limitations. Also cable and hubs specifications will be part of the whitelist. To choose accessories according to that whitelist can help to increase system performance.

What accessories are generally available?

More and more system components are widely available. For cables, there are simple and cheap cables up to active and optical cables. The same variety of host controllers exists. Especially on-board host controller from the Intel-Ivy Bridge class are very interesting. With a real good performance and wide availability they are an alternative to PCIexpress cards. Just as with GigE Vision or Camera Link, please be aware to choose your accessories wisely: Low-quality USB 3.0 accessories can lead to problems in the whole vision system.

Please visit our Accessories' database for more information and specifications.