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Is it possible to use pylon 4 and pylon 5 together on one PC

If you try to install pylon 5 on a PC where another pylon already exists the new pylon will (after asking) uninstall the old one before installation of the new one. But because of the new “Copy Deployment” capability of pylon 5 you can just copy the needed pylon files on a system where another pylon already exists and it will work (provided that the new pylon uses the same drivers as the old one which is the case e.g. for pylon 4.2 and pylon 5).

From the official news:

Thanks to the new possibility of simple copy deployment programs generated with the pylon SDK can be delivered to the end user as easy as never before. Thus pylon can be installed without conflicts with machine vision software packages from other manufacturers based on GenICam technology:

  • Up to now pylon could only be redistributed with dedicated pylon redist installers
  • Only one pylon version could exist on the target PC
  • With pylon 5 pylon can be redistributed by simply copying the needed files to the target PC
  • Multiple versions of pylon can be installed side by side on the same system

We have also a pylon Deployment Guide on our website see attached "AW00136201000_pylon_Deployment_Guide".

Also some background information can be found in the pylon 5 Release Notes:

* Setup: The environment variables PYLON_ROOT, PYLONC_ROOT, PYLON_GENICAM_VERSION,

and PYLON_GENICAM_ROOT are obsolete and no longer set by the Installer.

PYLON_DEV_DIR can be used instead when developing applications that use pylon.

The PATH environment variable is always extended by the installer.

* SDK: pylon now supports copy deployment.

Any copy deployed pylon DLLs must not be reachable via the PATH environment variable.

pylon Deployment Guide