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How to generate pylon_log under macOS?

  1. Open Terminal.app (accessible under /Applications/Utilities).
  2. Start the pylon Viewer with the following command using the command line in the Terminal.app: /Library/Frameworks/pylon.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/Tools/pylon-start-with-logging /Applications/pylon\ Viewer.app
    Note: pylon-start-with-logging and pylon Viewer.app could be located somewhere else, when the default installation path was not used at installation.
    Note: The slash in "/Applications/pylon\ Viewer.app" is important to be able to use filenames that include the space character at the command line.
  3. Reproduce the problem (e.g. if no camera is displayed in the viewer, just press the refresh button).
  4. Close pylon Viewer and a text document with the log files will be openend afterwards.