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Cameras in Further Applications

Digital imaging and processing support practice in medicine, medical technology and life sciences. In addition to ophthalmology, laboratory automation and microscopy, there are other areas of application such as dermatology, dentistry and imaging procedures in the operating environment. Moreover, there is camera technology in orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine for motion detection and analysis as well as in patient monitoring for the early detection of complications. What distinguishes our Basler cameras and is predestined for all these applications are their outstanding image quality and high reliability.

Application Areas and Our Camera Recommendation



The latest technologies in dentistry rely on high-speed cameras with optimal resolution and sensitivity. In combination with the compact design, Basler cameras like the Basler dart and the Basler MED ace have the best prerequisites for integration. They allow the precise impression of the upper jaw, lower jaw and bite. Small high-performance cameras are also used in devices such as mouth scanners (intraoral scanners) or model and impression scanners.


Dermatology includes numerous image analyzes such as in the context of early cancer detection, the diagnosis of skin lesions and the observation of wound healing processes. Basler MED ace cameras fit perfectly into these dermatological areas of application. Because they deliver images of excellent quality in real time, with excellent color reproduction and high sensitivity. In so doing, they allow image viewing, documentation and detailed analysis.

Imaging Procedure in Surgery

Imaging Procedure in Surgery

Imaging procedures in surgery require precise representations of the finest anatomical structures in real time. The Basler MED ace reliably delivers high-resolution images with sharp contrasts and exact color reproduction. They then create an optimal starting point for intraoperative viewing. Because minimally invasive computer and robot-assisted surgery or intraoperative navigation, image presentation, analysis, simulation and documentation play an increasingly important role in the context of light microscopy and fluorescence-based intraoperative visualization.

Motion Analysis and Therapy

No physical or occupational therapist sees with the speed and detail of a modern digital camera. Accordingly, cameras such as the Basler MED ace are helpful in the field of motion analysis and therapy. Cameras help athletes optimize their movements and help physiotherapists and occupational therapists in their daily work.

Sports and Motion

More Fields of Application from Medical & Life Sciences



Important requirements for imaging components in diagnostic and therapeutic devices from ophthalmology include speed, resolution and reproducibility. Meeting these requirements is absolutely no problem for Basler cameras.

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Lab Equipment and Automation camera OEM

Lab Equipment and Automation

Basler cameras are suitable for process automation, quality control or bio-imaging. Why? They stand for reliable analysis and high sample throughput. Because they are fast, accurate and produce reproducible images of the highest quality.

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Microscopy camera manufacturer for high dynamic range


High image quality in real time with excellent color reproduction and a high dynamic range – requirements that are placed on cameras for conventional light as well as fluorescence microscopy applications. Our Basler cameras do all of these.

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Camera technology is used in numerous Medical & Life Sciences applications. Basler cameras are ideal for this. If you would like detailed information, our sales team looks forward to your inquiry!

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