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GigE Cameras

Gigabit Ethernet or 'GigE' is the most common camera interface for industrial image processing. Learn more about the benefits of GigE and which Basler cameras come equipped with GigE interfaces here.

The GigE interface for use in industrial image processing is defined through the GigE Vision standard, which was officially adopted in mid-2006. Among the greatest benefits of GigE camera are their fast data throughput rates (100 MB/s) and long maximum cable lengths of up to 100 meters. These factors make Gigabit Ethernet a universally deployable digital interface.

Unlike several older interface technologies, GigE does not require a frame grabber, which in turn significantly reduces costs. Another benefit of this interface is the ability to combine multiple cameras easily: Multi-camera applications are simple to set up.

On top of that, the Gigabit Ethernet interface offers the possibility for a one-cable-solution. A GigE camera with PoE (Power over Ethernet) can get its power via the data cable.

Basler GigE cameras are available with the latest generation of CCD and CMOS sensors.

GigE Vision Cameras

The GigE Vision Standard goes hand in hand with the physical interface, which in turn is defined in the Gigabit Ethernet standard. GigE Vision was initiated by a committee of different companies in the Machine Vision industry. Basler was a leading actor during the standards development process, which was monitored by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA).

Thanks to the uniform industry-wide standard, GigE Vision-compatible cameras can be replaced with new models without requiring changes to the software. Gigabit Ethernet cameras also support simple integration into all image processing software based on software libraries.

An Overview of Benefits for the GigE interface/GigE Vision Standard:

  • High data rates of up to 100 MB/s
  • Standard interface for almost any PC hardware
  • Simple infrastructure for multi-camera use
  • Long cable distances: Up to 100 meters
  • Option of one-cable solution: Power supply to the camera via the data cable (PoE – Power over Ethernet)
  • Utilization of existing Ethernet infrastructure
  • Simple integration into all image processing applications (libraries)
  • High degree of standardization though Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Vision standards

Basler GigE Cameras

The following Basler camera series are available with the GigE interface:

Basler ace
Basler aviator
Basler pilot
Basler racer
Basler scout

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