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Usage of Dual GenICam XML Files on scout GigE Vision Cameras (solves long opening times)


Newer scout-GigE Cameras take longer to "connect / open / initialize" when used on older software.

Specifically, if you tried to run scout GigE Vision cameras with firmware version V4.x-x or greater, with software libraries using old GenICam versions, e.g. GenICam less than V2.x, you may experience long times for opening a camera.


The reason for this behavior is that older GeniCam versions used a smaller xml file and a slower xml parser mechanism than the current GeniCam versions. So therefore an xml file describing features stored in a camera's firmware built to GeniCam v2.0 will take longer to parse on a host pc running software built to GeniCam v1.0.


scout-GigE cameras now include both an older and newer xml file. The customer can then select the file that suites them.

Instructions can be found here:


- Older xml files do not contain some newer features - ie: Sequencer, Color enhancement, etc.

- The longer delay should only occur on the very first connection by the PC to the camera.

- On subsequent connections, the PC loads a cached version of the xml from the harddrive and thus performance improves.

- The customer can also update to the latest GeniCam version on the host PC by updating pylon.