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The Basler BIP Finder finds my camera, but I can't open the camera with my web browser. Why not?

There are two common reasons why this happens:

The camera is connected to a network interface card (NIC) in your PC and the NIC's configuration does not match the camera's configuration.

Make sure that the NIC to which the camera is connected is set for a network configuration that matches the camera's network configuration. The BIP Finder software (version 1.4 or newer) displays the camera's configuration in a popup window. Make sure that the NIC and the camera are in the same subnet.

If you want to access the camera via its auto IP address (i.e., the address in the 169.254.XXX.XXX address range with the subnet mask), you should configure your NIC to use auto IP addressing.

The web browser is configured to use a proxy server.

If your network includes a proxy server and your web browser is configured to use the proxy server, the browser will not be able to access the camera. To avoid this problem, change your web browser's network connection settings so that the proxy server will not be used with local addresses.