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Basler Network Cameras

Basler network cameras are robust surveillance cameras for exterior use or monitoring of difficult interior spaces.

Basler IP cameras stand out for their extremely rapid frame rates of up to 95 frames per second and resolutions of up to 5 MP. We've designed the portfolio to include the right camera for any application. Basler IP Fixed Box cameras are easy to install and stand out for their outstanding image quality and extreme strong performance in low-light situations.

Basler IP Fixed Box

Basler IP Fixed Box

Exceptional light sensitivity and image quality

Fast Ethernet

Vision Systems Configurator

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Use our Vision System Configurator tool to easily find compatible high-quality components for your individual vision application.

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Outstanding Image Quality, Even in Bad Lighting

What really sets Basler IP cameras apart is their extreme light sensitivity, which translates into outstanding image quality across variable lighting conditions during long-term use. Our portfolio also includes network camera models featuring movable IR cut filters (Infrared cut filter) that allow for day/night functionality. These products can be identified by the 'dn' flag.

High Resolution for Greater Detail

High resolution is a prerequisite for the kind of crystal-clear images essential in building surveillance and traffic monitoring applications. The resolution of our network cameras varies from VGA or 2 MP to 1080p Full HD and even 5 MP, where even minute details on faces and license plates can be easily reviewed.

Motion Detection and PoE

Another practical feature for both interior and exterior surveillance is motion detection. An event is triggered — in other words, an image is recorded — as soon as the camera senses motion in front of it. A ring buffer is used to ensure that the images can be evaluated immediately before and after the triggering of an alarm or event.

Another benefit of network cameras: the Power-over-Ethernet function (PoE). This allows the camera to draw its power via the connected network cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

Basler network cameras deliver high-quality images even under the most challenging of conditions — including building surveillance, bank and casino security and process and traffic monitoring.

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