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Efficient Quality Control of Mini-LEDs by AOI

Better Efficiency in the Production of Mini-LEDs

What quality control do mini-LEDs require?

Mini-LED technology is becoming increasingly popular in both the direct view LED display and backlighting LCD display markets. Mini-LEDs promise improved display performance and visual appearance with greater efficiency and lower cost.

Mini-LEDs are manufactured in a complex process. Identifying defects and ensuring uniformity means inspecting every pixel.

Chinese company Mento uses Basler’s vision solution to develop complex AOI systems for visual inspection, defect detection and position recording for the quality control of mini-LED units.

Requirements for defect detection in the production of mini-LEDs

The inspection process needs precise information (e.g. defect coordinates) to locate and repair detected defects and reduce material waste in the production process.

In this display inspection application, high accuracy, stable performance and efficiency are therefore key.

The most important challenges:

  • High resolution is required for small chip sizes (<100 µm) and spacing between bonds (<1.5 mm)
  • Multiple image stitching
  • High quality color image reproduction and image consistency

The vision solution for quality control of mini-LEDs

Visual inspection of mini-LEDs involves checking the bond joints, soldering quality and individual LED chips. The robust and reliable Basler ace 2 cameras with 20 MP resolution and an acquisition speed of 18 fps through the USB 3.0 interface are ideal for this purpose.

Basler customized and enhanced the in-camera features to better address key challenges like the requirement for high image quality and consistency while producing stable images. Based on this custom firmware solution, lens savings can be achieved to reduce system costs.

Different lighting solutions make it easier to differentiate the parts of the mini-LEDs to be inspected.

Together with matching and robust USB 3.0 cable and the easy-to-use pylon Camera Software Suite, the system achieved its design goals within budget.

Benefits of the AOI solution with Basler vision components

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Lower system maintenance cost owing to the powerful features and market-proven reliability of Basler vision products
  • Flexible and unique customization solutions to fulfill the requirements of a demanding application
  • Reduced system complexity thanks to the small camera footprint and convenience provided by USB 3.0 interface
  • Real-time inspection and recording of defects’ coordinates to improve production efficiency and yields

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Products used

Camera: ace 2 a2A4504-18ucPRO

Camera: ace 2 a2A4504-18ucPRO

The Basler a2A4504-18ucPRO USB3.0 camera with the Sony IMX541 CMOS sensor delivers 18 frames per second at 20.2 MP resolution.

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pylon Camera Software Suite

pylon Camera Software Suite

The Basler pylon Camera Software Suite offers reliable, certified drivers for all types of camera interfaces, plus powerful and simple programming interfaces, and a comprehensive set of tools for camera setup.

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Complementary products for your full configuration

USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 5 m – Data Cable

USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 5 m – Data Cable

Basler Premium 5-meter USB 3.0 cable for Basler ace cameras. The cable has a Micro B plug with locking screws on the camera side and an A plug on the host side.

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