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Basler's Unique Feature Set: PGI - for Optimized Images

Several of our newest camera models come with our powerful in-camera image optimization technology already built in: This proprietary PGI feature set enhances your images at the full speed of your camera. PGI is comprised of a unique combination of 5x5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising and improved sharpness.

With PGI, your camera will produce better images than ever, without putting additional load on your processor. The PGI feature set is included in all color and mono cameras of the dart USB and pulse series, as well as in color and mono cameras of the MED ace, ace U, ace L and ace 2 Pro product lines.

Harness the full power of pylon and activate the PGI features or change the settings for individual PGI components until you've achieved the optimal results.

5x5 Debayering

Provides true color images without artifacts.

5x5 Debayering in detail >


Reduces the appearance of false colors at edges in the image.

Color-Anti-Aliasing in detail >


Improves the imaging of the finest structures.

Denoising in detail >

Improved Sharpness

Reduces the appearance of noise - inhomogeneities - in the image.

Improved Sharpness in detail >

Cameras with PGI

ace 2 Pro

ace 2 Pro

Unique in-camera features: Compression Beyond, Pixel Beyond and PGI feature set for maximum performance

USB 3.0, GigE

More about the ace 2 Pro >
ace U und L

ace U und L

Advanced feature set, latest CMOS sensors from Sony (Pregius, STARVIS) and onsemi (PYTHON)

USB 3.0, GigE

More about the ace U und L >
MED ace

MED ace

State-of-the-art CMOS technology, including MED Feature Sets, ISO 13485:2016

USB 3.0, GigE

More about the MED ace >
dart USB 3.0

dart USB 3.0

Highly flexible and compact board level design

More about the dart USB 3.0 >


A compact and low-weight camera, with elegant design

More about the pulse >
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