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What is the "Add Remote GigE Camera" feature in pylon for?

If you want to access a GigE camera with a known IP address that was configured in a different subnet and was connected to a router, you will fail, because such cameras are "hidden" for pylon and its Broadcast UDP Device Discovery Messages due to the routers "swallowing" all broadcast messages.

Hence, one cannot normally discover a GigE camera being connected to a router.

For that purpose the "Add Remote GigE Camera" feature (push F9 in pylon viewer) was implemented in order for users to be able to discover a GigE camera configured in a different subnet and connected to a router if they knew its IP address in advance. In this case, pylon will send a Unicast UDP discovery message and hence discover the camera and enable you to configure it and grab images.

In order to test this feature (if you did not have a router at hand) you may take 2 PCs and a switch and configure them the following way:

PC 1:

  • pylon application runs on PC1
  • IP address of network adapter is (
  • gateway for that adapter is configured as
  • network adapter is connected to a switch

PC 2:

  • Windows XP, configured as router (i.e. IP forwarding is enabled: Microsoft TechNet )
  • adapter 1:, connected to the same switch as PC1
  • adapter 2:
  • camera:, camera is connected to adapter 2