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What exactly is the difference between USB 3.0 and USB3 Vision?

While USB 3.0 describes the data interface in general, USB3 Vision represents the uniform standard jointly defined by the leading companies in the machine vision industry. USB3 Vision-certified hardware and software ensure full compatibility among each other, and provide increased stability and therefore long-term investment security for customers. While USB 3.0 solely manages the interface’s basic requirements, USB3 Vision does a lot more: It also defines the mechanical requirements for accessories, the camera control by the software via GenICam, or the data transfer method via Bulk. Generally speaking, USB3 Vision makes USB 3.0 fit for industrial use.

  USB 3.0 USB 3 Vision
Connectors Defined connectors Defined screwable connectors
Cables No test mandatory Signal quality and voltage drop tests
Hubs Not defined Mechanical defined industrial hubs (screwable)
Camera Control Not defined Via GenICam
Transaction Type Bulk or isochronous Bulk (guaranteed delivery)