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Advanced Tracing of GigE Problems (Error c2000001)

Some error messages are not thrown by Pylon, but rather the Windows OS itself.

For example, one may get the following error message from the Microsoft Socket Library:

PylonC error #c2000001 'Failed to execute command for node.' <-1040187391>

Function 'GenApiCommandExecute' failed in source file


line #1935 Caused by an exception thrown from source file


line #87.

Failed to read memory at 0x40024, 0x4 bytes. Der Zugriff auf einen Socket war aufgrund der Zugriffsrechte des Sockets unzulässig.

// The access to a socket was forbidden due to the socket's access rights.

Since similar error messages are not thrown from pylon, they cannot be tracked down precisely by any pylon logging mechanism.

Hence, one should use a low level GxApi Tracing in order to gather more information about a given problem.

To do that one may use the files attached to that Solution.

Usage: Both files must be stored to an arbitrary writable folder first, and then the "trace.cmd" file should be run by double-clicking on it.

Now run your pylon based application or run the pylon actions you wanted to until the problem is reproduced. Once you get the given error message, simply press any key with focus to the "trace.cmd" window in order to stop logging.

Now you will find a file called "pylonLog.etl" in the same folder, where the files were stored.

This file, together with the exact pylon version used, should be provided to Basler AG support for further investigations.