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PC-Based Deep Learning

With PC-based deep learning a short product development time and low integration costs are possible. In addition, PC-based systems score with a simple and convenient design-in.

Choose from our camera portfolio for your deep learning application

Basler’s broad range of cameras makes it very easy to choose the right camera for a specific deep learning vision system. The artificial neural Network (ANN) can only perform as well as the quality of data that it gets as input. Therefore, image quality plays a significant role in designing a robust deep learning vision system. Find the suitable Basler ace or Basler MED ace for your application.

Choose from Our Camera Portfolio for Your Deep Learning Application

The advantages of Basler products for PC-based applications are:

  • Basler offers a large variety of cameras with many different CCD and CMOS image sensors to fit the needs of any specific deep learning vision application.
  • Basler supports all data interfaces for PC-based setups, such as GigE and USB 3.0.
  • Most Basler cameras have in-camera image processing, which reduces the need for additional image pre-processing, such as debayering, sharpness enhancement, noise reduction etc. on the PC side.
  • Basler cameras deliver extremely reproducible results.

Use pylon for your deep learning applications

High-performance drivers, easy-to-learn programming interfaces and the large number of supported camera interfaces characterize the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. This makes it ideally suited for easy and stable integration of Basler cameras into your deep learning applications.

  • Stable and efficient connection of Basler cameras
  • Easy-to-learn APIs: fast results, high productivity
  • Available for Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, macOS and Android

Need help with choosing hardware for your deep learning application?

If you need assistance in choosing a vision system hardware for your specific deep learning application, we are happy to help you.

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