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  • Vision Systems for Deep Learning

    FPGA frame grabber-based: fastest inference & highest reliability

    PC-based: lowest complexity & fastest time-to-market

    Embedded deep learning: compact & cost-effective

Vision Systems for Deep Learning

Deep learning is rapidly spreading across computer vision applications. The benefits of artificial neural networks (ANNs) are twofold. ANNs have the potential to improve the accuracy and robustness for applications in factory automation, robotics or retail. At the same time, ANNs have the capability to solve image-based application problems that could not be solved in the past, such as pathology detection in microscopy or complex pattern classification in surface detection.

The Advantages of Deep Learning Compared to Classical Rule-based Algorithms Are:

  • classification of complex images
  • improved accuracy and robustness
  • automatic feature extraction

Basler products are well suited for inference by ANNs. We are offering a variety of products to choose from when designing a deep learning vision system.

Frame Grabber-based Systems for Deep Learning: Fastest Inference

FPGA Frame Grabber-based Systems for Deep Learning: Fastest Inference and Highest Reliability

Best performance, fastest inference per second, highest reliability – if your application demands high throughput, the FPGA frame grabber-based vision system for deep learning is the right fit for you. The microEnable 5 marathon deepVCL from Silicon Software, together with the FPGA configuration software VisualApplets, let you deploy your ANN on FPGAs with just a few clicks!

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PC-based Systems for Deep Learning: Fast Time-to-Market with Lowest Integration Costs

Lowest integration costs and fastest time-to-market: PC-based systems score with an easy design-in. Use our plug-and-play hardware and software components to build your PC-based deep learning vision system. Our broad ace camera portfolio and the pylon Camera Software Suite make it easy to deploy your ANN without spending too much integration effort.

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Embedded Vision for Deep Learning

Embedded Vision for the Most Compact and Cost-Effective Deep Learning Solutions

The most compact and cost-effective vision systems can be designed using embedded vision technology. The combination of board level cameras and embedded processing units ensures the lowest cost per unit. From camera modules to concept studies and ready-to-use solutions – let us take care of your embedded vision system for deep learning.

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