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CMOS Rolling Shutter Cameras

Rolling shutter is a shutter technology suited for a variety of applications in industrial image processing. The modern CMOS sensors offer a broad range of rolling shutter models, and Basler uses them in a variety of its area and line scan cameras. Learn more here about the benefits of CMOS rolling shutter sensors and which Basler CMOS cameras come equipped with that technology.

Until recently CMOS sensors were primarily outfitted with rolling shutter technology. With a rolling shutter, an image is not illuminated all at once, but rather in a staged sequence. When the shutter release is initiated, the individual lines of the image are exposed one after another, line for line.

A quick overview of the benefits of modern CMOS rolling shutter sensors:

  • Low noise levels
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

How does a rolling shutter sensor work?

CMOS rolling shutter cameras are outstandingly well suited for applications requiring cameras with enhanced sensitivity and image quality for slow or unmoving objects to be inspected. In many cases, cameras featuring CMOS rolling shutter technology represent very strong value for their resolution. The smaller pixels often produce a very high resolution in smaller sensor formats.

A rolling shutter illuminates the individual rows of an image sequentially. If however the depicted object moves rapidly between the start of the exposure of the first row and the end of the exposure of the last row, then distortions are created when the image is pieced together — known as the rolling shutter effect.

Extensive information about the rolling shutter technique and tips for dealing with the rolling shutter effect can be found in the Basler White Paper "Global Shutter, Rolling Shutter – Functionality and Characteristics of Two Exposure Methods (Shutter Variants)".

Nowadays there is a broad range of high-quality CMOS rolling shutter sensors available on the market, and a growing share of applications are being configured to work with these sensors. Thanks to its broad portfolio of CMOS products, Basler is well equipped to keep up with the CMOS trend.

Basler cameras with CMOS rolling shutter sensors:

The following Basler camera series are outfitted with CMOS rolling shutter sensors:

Basler ace
Basler dart
Basler IP Fixed Box
Basler pulse

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