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CMOS Global Shutter Cameras

Global shutter technology is perfect for capturing images of moving objects. Modern CMOS sensors have been available with global shutter for some time now. You'll learn more here about the benefits of CMOS global shutter sensors and which Basler CMOS cameras come equipped with that technology.

If your cameras need to capture moving objects and rapid movement sequences, then shutter type is a crucial criterion alongside sensor technology in determining the quality of the images. Since the advent of global shutter technology in CMOS sensors, there is now a more individual and flexible choice of suitable sensor technology for your application.

How does a global shutter sensor work?

A global shutter exposes all lines of an image at the same time, 'freezing' the moving object in place. This prevents distortions, which makes global shutter technology the ideal choice for applications with moving objects and rapid movement sequences, including automatic license plate detection as part of traffic monitoring, for example.

Comprehensive details on global shutter technology can be found in the Basler White Paper "Global Shutter, Rolling Shutter - Functionality and Characteristics of Two Exposure Techniques".

The benefits of modern CMOS global shutter sensors:

  • High frame rates
  • High resolution
  • Crystal-clear images, even for very short exposures
  • Outstanding noise characteristics, even in poor lighting conditions
  • Broad dynamic range
  • High quantum efficiency of up to 70%

There has been a general trend toward CMOS global shutter sensors to replace the older generation of CCD sensors featuring the technology. Basler saw this trend toward CMOS technology coming well ahead of time. Early on in the rise of CMOS sensors, we made a conscious decision to embrace the technology, and now boast a broad CMOS product portfolio.

Basler cameras with CMOS global shutter sensors:

The following Basler area scan camera series contain models with CMOS global shutter sensors:

Basler ace
Basler beat
Basler dart
Basler pulse

The following Basler line scan camera series are outfitted with CMOS global shutter sensors:

Basler racer

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