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CMOS Cameras

The future belongs to CMOS sensors. Learn more about the benefits of CMOS sensors and which Basler cameras come equipped with CMOS technology.

The signs have long pointed toward CMOS as the sensor technology of the future. Two important characteristics of industrial cameras in particular — their speed and noise properties — have improved decisively in CMOS sensors in recent years. In many ways, the bright future for CMOS sensor technology was made official in early 2015. Sony, the world's leader at that point in CCD sensor production, announced that it would suspend delivery of CCD sensors starting in 2025, concentrating exclusively on CMOS sensors.

Beyond this, improvements to CMOS technology and the strong price/performance ratio of CMOS sensors make them increasingly attractive for industrial machine vision. Very high frame rates with almost uniform image quality are hallmarks of the current CMOS sensor generation.

Benefits of cameras with high-performance CMOS sensors

  • High speeds (frame rates)
  • High resolution (number of pixels)
  • Strong dynamic performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Improved noise performance
  • Improved quantum efficiency
  • Improved color concepts
  • Strong price/performance ratio

Basler saw the trend toward CMOS technology coming well ahead of time. We embraced it early on, and now offer a broad portfolio of CMOS cameras with sensors from various manufacturers.

Basler cameras with CMOS sensors

The following Basler camera series contain models with CMOS sensors:

Basler ace
Basler beat
Basler dart
Basler IP camera
Basler pulse
Basler racer
Basler scout

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