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We're constantly redeveloping our products to take advantage of technological innovations and to better account for our customer's desires. To help keep our customers up to date, we announce changes here.

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Change Notification

(October, 2021) Mechanical Design changed Basler C23 Series
(September, 2021) Basler GigE Interface Card, 4 Port (2200000716)
(September, 2021) C10 Lens Series: Mount material changed
(September, 2021) Device Temperature Feature removed for certain ace U and ace L cameras - Part 3
(August, 2021) Device Temperature Feature removed for certain ace U and ace L cameras - Part 2
(August, 2021) Basler IP Fixed Bos cameras - Temperature Parameter for Text Overlay removed
(August, 2021) Device Temperature Feature removed for certain ace U and ace L cameras - Part 1
(June, 2021) Changed Design of USB Hybrid cable
(April, 2021) S-Mount Lens 1/2" 16mm Product Design Update
(March, 2021) New Firmware Features for boost Cameras
(February, 2021) Changed Aperture for C23 5MP 16mm and 35mm Lenses
(January, 2021) Changed Event Notification Feature on ace 2 cameras
(November, 2020) Basler SLP Controller now up to 100ms pulse width
(November, 2020) New Firmware Features For ace 2 Cameras
(September, 2020) Firmware update for all ace U and ace L models
(August, 2020) PoE Single Port Injector POE21U Product Design Update
(June, 2020) Firmware Update for ace 2 Cameras
(January 2020) Change of DC Iris Connector on Basler IP Fixed Box cameras
(August, 2019) S-Mount Lens 1/1.8” 2.95mm - Product Design Update
(August, 2019) New Firmware 1.6 for dart and pulse including PGI feature for monochrome cameras
(August, 2019) New Feature “Basler SLP“ for selected ace U and ace L models
(April 2019) Firmware Update on acA640-121gm for improved behavior with old GenICam versions
(March 2019) New carrier version for ace U cameras
(March 2019) New Feature „Vignetting Correction“ for selected ace U and ace L models
(January, 2019) CS-Mount Lens CBC – Change in Cable Length
(January, 2019) Improved color presets for acA5472-5gc
(June, 2018) Improvement of Basler USB3 Cables
(June, 2018) Improved EMC Class for acA2500-14gm/gc (Firmware Update)
(January, 2018) New material codes for dart BCON for LVDS models / Development Kits
(January, 2018) Change of packaging and MOQ for all dart models
(November, 2017) Changeover to side-fill for all dart / pulse with E2V 76C570 sensor
(July, 2017) Improved EMC Class for some ace U GigE models
(June, 2017) Basler Lens screw changes
(March, 2017) ace GigE: Higher power consumption at PoE
(February, 2017) Firmware Update ace with PYTHON sensors (features)
(February, 2017) Certification for ace models with 3 and 5 MP IMX Pregius sensors
(December, 2016) Firmware Update for new ace Models (Temperature)
(May, 2016) Coreboard change for new ace models
(April, 2016) Firmware Update for dart and pulse
(April, 2016) Firmware Update for new ace models
(January, 2016) Changes on all Color OnSemicondutor CCD Sensors
(January, 2016) Firmware Update for acA1300-60gmNIR

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