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VisualApplets Embedder License - VisualApplets

Programming FPGA hardware with VisualApplets Embedder

VisualApplets Embedder allows you to equip the FPGA hardware of third-party image devices with VisualApplets. With this, you can quickly customize the integration for your specific image processing application, allowing manufacturers and end users alike the flexibility of programming individual devices or complete product lines.

To get started, first download VisualApplets and install the software. Then you can immediately try VisualApplets in demo mode.

To test your FPGA designs, you can purchase a dongle and order a free VisualApplets IDE Evaluation License (20034) along with an Embedder Evaluation License (20032). This allows you to test VisualApplets for 180 days. To clarify your individual request and specific requirements, please contact our sales department.

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Program FPGA-based image processing hardware

VisualApplets Embedder allows you to make third-party image processing hardware compatible with VisualApplets. For more information about the features, visit Basler's Product Documentation.

VisualApplets Embedder
  • Creating VisualApplets plug-in installer for deployment
  • Embedding VisualApplets into third-party FPGA hardware
  • Graphical configuration of VisualApplets IP core
  • HDL integration tools
  • Seamless integration in VisualApplets environment
Custom camera with high investment security

Custom image processing devices with high investment security

  • Easily configure FPGA hardware with VisualApplets technology
  • Improve throughput and reduce system costs with preprocessing tasks in real time, including image optimizations, data reduction and process control
  • No expertise in FPGA hardware programming needed – attractive for end user programming
  • Stay flexible: quickly respond to industry or requirement changes with the ability to program FPGA devices
  • End users benefit from increased protection of their know-how, since image processing functions can be implemented independently of the device manufacturer
Manufacturers benefit from VisualApplets Embedder

Benefits for manufacturers – Tap into new markets

  • Program inputs, outputs, and connections to external peripherals with VisualApplets directly from the device
  • Accelerate internal development to offer device series with extended functionality
  • Use in-house development to offer customers devices with application-specific additional functions
  • Port fully-developed applications to different camera series
  • Tap into new customer segments whose requirements go beyond standard products and conventional OEM solutions
End users benefit from VisualApplets Embedder

Benefits for end users – Your path to a customized image processing solution

  • Quickly and flexibly adjust proprietary image processing designs to the corresponding market requirements
  • Extend camera features yourself with little effort and no hardware programming skills
  • Use image pre-processing to reduce image data and the load on the PC during final analysis – see a significant improvement in the robustness of the image analysis and inspection speed
  • Secure intellectual property with a sophisticated encryption system – this makes data hacking with reverse engineering virtually impossible

Set up VisualApplets-compatible image processing devices

Want to configure additional FPGA-based image processing devices, such as industrial cameras and vision sensors with VisualApplets? This software license enables you to create individual solutions.

Manufacturers of image processing hardware and end customers can quickly program software applets tailored to their applications and industry directly on the device FPGA. This makes it possible to use standard designs, create your own image processing designs as data flow models, or customize designs for groups of customers.

  • Equip FPGA hardware of third-party devices such as cameras and vision sensors with VisualApplets and specific image processing applications
  • Plan and implement complete product lines in a short time
  • Improve throughput and reduce system costs with preprocessing tasks in real time, such as image optimizations, data reduction, and process control
  • Enable end users to easily access machine vision devices for their own programming, offering them high investment security
  • Manufacturers and end users remain flexible in the event of industry or requirement changes and can adapt their image processing applications promptly

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Equip vision hardware FPGAs with VisualApplets

Interested in more information about VisualApplets? Additional materials are available, including product documentation, articles, and brochures.

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