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Basler Lenses 1/2.5" and Basler Lenses 2/3"

With more and more lens suppliers entering the market, choosing the optimal lens becomes more and more challenging. Traditionally, decisions were based on a trade-off between the best possible quality and a matching price-performance ratio, but a third factor is gaining importance: the supplier’s reliability.

Thanks to the Basler Lenses, you can benefit from an extraordinary price/performance ratio and improve the cost efficiency of your vision system. With Basler as a reliable partner, you’re getting all the required components for your application from a single source. This ensures that all components are perfectly matched to each other.

Our Basler Lenses at a glance

Basler Lenses 1/2.5"

Basler Lenses 1/2.5

The ideal match for sensors smaller than 1/2" is the Basler Original Equipment lens line of high performance lenses. Specially designed for Basler cameras, these lenses deliver exceptionally high resolution and facilitate a sharp image from the center of the frame to the corners.

Basler Lenses 2/3"

Basler Lenses 2/3

The standard Basler lens series for sensor sizes up to 2/3" is designed for bigger sensors and a common resolution of up to 2 MP. Thus, they are particularly suitable for applications where a lower resolution is sufficient. Moreover, with their excellent price/performance ratio, they enable a cost-effective vision system.


  • Exceptionally high resolution of 5 MP to bring out the smallest details in your image
  • An orange dot on the iris range indicates the optimal aperture to easily achieve the sharpest image
  • Space-saving size
  • Designed in cooperation with Fujinon, global leaders in optical manufacturing
  • Basler Original quality promise
  • These Basler Lenses 1/2.5" are the perfect addition for Basler ace, dart and pulse cameras with sensors sized smaller than 1/2" and high resolution.


  • Suitable resolution for cost sensitive machine vision applications
  • Optimized design focused on the most important features for quick and easy use
  • Produced by a qualified, trusted lens manufacturer
  • Basler Lenses 2/3" are a good match for Basler ace, dart and pulse cameras with sensors sized greater than 1/2" up to 2/3" and standard resolution of up to 2 MP.

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