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PoE Single Port Injector POE29-1AT6 - Power Supply

PoE Single Port injector to supply Basler ace GigE cameras with power via a data cable.

The PoE Single Port injector has two RJ-45 jacks and one C14 jack for power supply. An additional power cord with IEC Type C14 connector and two GigE cables (such as Basler part no. 2000027038) are required. The cables are not included.

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Power Supply - PoE Single Port Injector POE29-1AT6
  • Power Supply - PoE Single Port Injector POE29-1AT6

General Information

Order Number 2200000024
Net list price For larger quantities and individual prices, please use the request cart. Net list price  
For pricing, please use the request cart to get a quote. 33.00 EUR 57.65 USD 33.00 EUR 266.00 ¥
Est. Lead Time Estimated lead times may vary. Please ask for the current availability and use the request cart. Delivery time
For information about shipping please use the request cart.
Accessory Type Power Supply
Power Requirements 90V - 264V
Connector Camera Type RJ-45, click-lock
Connector Type Power Supply IEC Type C14

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acA1300-60gmNIR (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gmNIR (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gm (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gm (CS-Mount) GigE
acA2500-20gc acA2500-20gc GigE
acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA4096-11gc acA4096-11gc GigE
acA3088-16gm acA3088-16gm GigE
acA4112-8gm acA4112-8gm GigE
acA2000-50gmNIR acA2000-50gmNIR GigE
acA2040-25gc acA2040-25gc GigE
acA1600-60gm acA1600-60gm GigE
acA1300-60gc acA1300-60gc GigE
acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1920-40gc acA1920-40gc GigE
acA1440-73gm acA1440-73gm GigE
acA1440-73gc acA1440-73gc GigE
acA2040-25gm acA2040-25gm GigE
acA3088-16gc acA3088-16gc GigE
acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gmNIR acA1300-60gmNIR GigE
acA4096-11gm acA4096-11gm GigE
acA800-200gm acA800-200gm GigE
acA1920-25gm acA1920-25gm GigE
acA1600-60gc (CS-Mount) acA1600-60gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA2440-20gm acA2440-20gm GigE
acA2500-20gm acA2500-20gm GigE
acA1300-60gm acA1300-60gm GigE
acA2040-25gmNIR acA2040-25gmNIR GigE
acA1920-40gm acA1920-40gm GigE
acA1920-48gc acA1920-48gc GigE
acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1920-50gm acA1920-50gm GigE
acA1300-75gm acA1300-75gm GigE
acA4024-8gm acA4024-8gm GigE
acA2000-50gc acA2000-50gc GigE
acA800-200gc acA800-200gc GigE
acA2500-14gm acA2500-14gm GigE
acA1300-75gc acA1300-75gc GigE
acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) GigE
acA4024-8gc acA4024-8gc GigE
acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA3800-10gc acA3800-10gc GigE
acA2500-14gc acA2500-14gc GigE
acA5472-5gm acA5472-5gm GigE
acA2000-50gm acA2000-50gm GigE
acA4112-8gc acA4112-8gc GigE
acA640-90gc acA640-90gc GigE
acA640-121gm acA640-121gm GigE
acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1280-60gm acA1280-60gm GigE
acA2040-35gc acA2040-35gc GigE
acA2440-20gc acA2440-20gc GigE
acA1600-60gc acA1600-60gc GigE
acA5472-5gc acA5472-5gc GigE
acA1280-60gc acA1280-60gc GigE
acA2040-35gm acA2040-35gm GigE
acA1600-20gc acA1600-20gc GigE
acA720-290gc acA720-290gc GigE
acA1920-50gc acA1920-50gc GigE
acA640-120gc acA640-120gc GigE
acA3800-10gm acA3800-10gm GigE
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