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Computar Lens M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3" - Lens

Computar C-mount lens with a fixed focal length of 8 mm and an aperture range from F1.4 - F16.

This 2/3" lens is well suited for less demanding applications and long working distances (> 50 cm). When combined with the CMV 2000, IMX 249 and IMX 174 sensors increased vignetting can occur depending on the application.

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Lens - Computar Lens M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3
  • Lens - Computar Lens M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3

General Information

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Accessory Type Lens
Manufacturer Computar

Lens Data

Focal Length 8.0 mm
Lens Mount C-mount
Iris F1.4 - F16.0
Iris Type manual
IR Cut Filter no
Sensor Format 2/3
Min. Working Distance 100 mm
acA2000-340kmNIR acA2000-340kmNIR Camera Link
acA1920-25gc acA1920-25gc GigE
acA2000-165uc acA2000-165uc USB 3.0
acA1920-48gc acA1920-48gc GigE
acA2040-55um acA2040-55um USB 3.0
acA1920-25um acA1920-25um USB 3.0
acA800-200gc acA800-200gc GigE
acA640-120uc acA640-120uc USB 3.0
acA2040-120um acA2040-120um USB 3.0
acA1600-20uc acA1600-20uc USB 3.0
acA1300-60gc acA1300-60gc GigE
acA1920-48gm acA1920-48gm GigE
acA640-750um acA640-750um USB 3.0
acA2000-340km acA2000-340km Camera Link
acA1920-150uc acA1920-150uc USB 3.0
acA1600-60gc acA1600-60gc GigE
acA1300-75gm acA1300-75gm GigE
acA1300-200uc acA1300-200uc USB 3.0
acA640-300gm acA640-300gm GigE
acA2040-120uc acA2040-120uc USB 3.0
acA1920-25gm acA1920-25gm GigE
acA2000-165umNIR acA2000-165umNIR USB 3.0
acA1920-150um acA1920-150um USB 3.0
acA2000-50gm acA2000-50gm GigE
acA640-750uc acA640-750uc USB 3.0
acA1280-60gm acA1280-60gm GigE
acA1280-60gc acA1280-60gc GigE
acA2040-55uc acA2040-55uc USB 3.0
acA1600-20gc acA1600-20gc GigE
acA800-510um acA800-510um USB 3.0
acA2000-50gmNIR acA2000-50gmNIR GigE
acA640-120gc acA640-120gc GigE
acA2000-340kc acA2000-340kc Camera Link
acA1600-60gm acA1600-60gm GigE
acA1300-60gmNIR acA1300-60gmNIR GigE
acA640-300gc acA640-300gc GigE
acA1300-200um acA1300-200um USB 3.0
acA640-90gc acA640-90gc GigE
acA2000-165um acA2000-165um USB 3.0
acA1300-75gc acA1300-75gc GigE
acA1300-60gm acA1300-60gm GigE
acA1920-25uc acA1920-25uc USB 3.0
acA2000-50gc acA2000-50gc GigE
acA800-200gm acA800-200gm GigE
acA800-510uc acA800-510uc USB 3.0
acA640-90uc acA640-90uc USB 3.0
acA2040-35gc acA2040-35gc GigE
acA2040-35gm acA2040-35gm GigE
acA640-120uc (CS-Mount) acA640-120uc (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
acA640-90uc (CS-Mount) acA640-90uc (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1600-60gc (CS-Mount) acA1600-60gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gm (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gm (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gmNIR (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gmNIR (CS-Mount) GigE
acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA3088-57um acA3088-57um USB 3.0
acA1920-40gc acA1920-40gc GigE
acA1440-73gm acA1440-73gm GigE
acA2500-14uc (CS-Mount) acA2500-14uc (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
acA3088-57uc acA3088-57uc USB 3.0
acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA2440-75uc acA2440-75uc USB 3.0
acA2440-35uc acA2440-35uc USB 3.0
acA2440-20gm acA2440-20gm GigE
acA1920-40gm acA1920-40gm GigE
acA1920-40um acA1920-40um USB 3.0
acA2500-14gm acA2500-14gm GigE
acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) GigE
acA4024-29uc acA4024-29uc USB 3.0
acA4024-8gc acA4024-8gc GigE
acA2500-14um (CS-Mount) acA2500-14um (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
acA720-520um acA720-520um USB 3.0
acA1920-155uc acA1920-155uc USB 3.0
acA3800-10gc acA3800-10gc GigE
acA720-520uc acA720-520uc USB 3.0
acA2440-20gc acA2440-20gc GigE
acA2500-14um acA2500-14um USB 3.0
acA1920-50gc acA1920-50gc GigE
acA1920-40uc acA1920-40uc USB 3.0
acA4024-29um acA4024-29um USB 3.0
acA720-290gm acA720-290gm GigE
acA1440-220um acA1440-220um USB 3.0
acA3088-16gm acA3088-16gm GigE
acA1440-73gc acA1440-73gc GigE
acA3088-16gc acA3088-16gc GigE
acA2440-75um acA2440-75um USB 3.0
acA1920-50gm acA1920-50gm GigE
acA2440-35um acA2440-35um USB 3.0
acA4024-8gm acA4024-8gm GigE
acA2500-14gc acA2500-14gc GigE
acA1440-220uc acA1440-220uc USB 3.0
acA1920-155um acA1920-155um USB 3.0
acA2500-14uc acA2500-14uc USB 3.0
acA3800-14uc acA3800-14uc USB 3.0
acA720-290gc acA720-290gc GigE
acA3800-10gm acA3800-10gm GigE
acA3800-14um acA3800-14um USB 3.0
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