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Blob Analysis

Blob Analysis

Easy thresholding based image segmentation

The BLOB-Analysis license includes pylon vTools for typical thresholding based BLOB analysis tasks, such as identifying regions by their grey value range. The license includes three thresholding tools: absolute thresholding, auto thresholding (binary), and relative thresholding for dynamic thresholding relative to a mean image. In combination with the included additional pylon vTools for region morphology and object filtering, you can use the thresholding tools to identify and analyze regions, objects and structures with outstanding robustness, accuracy and performance.

pylon vTools are part of Basler's pylon Camera Software Suite. Download pylon to use pylon vTools

Please note: Licenses for pylon vTools are protected by hardware dongles. For activation of commercial licenses, you need one USB dongle per system onto which the licenses are loaded. Learn more

pylon BLOB Analysis Basic

Absolute thresholding, auto thresholding, and relative thresholding -
including vTools for region morphology, object filtering, and feature extraction.

The license specifications give you an overview of the pylon vTools that are included in a license, and their functionalities.

  Basic License Specifications
Absolute Thresholding
Minimun grey value
Maximum grey value
Auto Thresholding
Region from dark or light pixels
Relative Thresholding
Filter size for mean image
Threshold relative to mean image
Region from dark, light, similar, dark or lighter pixels
Region Feature Extraction
Bounding box
Gravity center
Axially parallel box
Region Morphology
Region splitting
Rectangular or circular
Region Selection
Filter by area
Filter by rectangularity
Filter by roundness

pylon BLOB Analysis Basic

Article name pylon BLOB Analysis Basic
Order Number 20082
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Operating System
  • Windows: 10 (64 bit), 11 (64 bit)
  • Linux x86 Ubuntu 18.04 or newer (64bit)
  • Linux ARM: Ubuntu 16.04 or newer
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