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Dark Field Lights and When to Use Them

It can be challenging to select the right illumination for your application. With the wide range of lighting options on the market, it is crucial to choose the right illumination early in the design phase to save cost and integration efforts. But how do you select the optimal lighting type for your vision application?

We are here to help. Dark field lights can be used to highlight edges. They are perfect for edge detection, inspecting engravings, inspecting metal surfaces for damage or stains, and reading laser markings.

How dark field lights work

Complete your lighting setup with the right lighting accessories

Find everything you need to properly illuminate your application. Each lighting setup requires a power supply and can be supplemented with additional accessories for perfect illumination: power supplies, brackets, diffusors and polarizers.

Need help choosing your illumination?

Our Lighting Advisor provides individual product recommendations by guiding you step by step to a selection of suitable lighting and components. Select the lighting for your vision system as early as possible during your design process.

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When and how to use dark field lights

Dark field lights and how to adopt them

Dark field illumination can be used to highlight edges, for example surface irregularities such as scratches or engravings.

Unlike normal ring lights, this type of light does not illuminate the object directly; this way the light reflected into the camera is mainly from the edges of surface features.

In this respect, it is similar to beam illumination in a dark field arrangement, but the key difference is that dark field illumination does not focus on any particular direction.

Application example: edge detection, inspection of engravings, inspecting metal surfaces for damage or stains, and reading laser markings.

Insights on choosing the right illumination

Illumination in image processing

Illumination in image processing

The right illumination is key for any processing system. It helps determine whether an inspection task is handled efficiently or not. 

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How do I find the right lighting for my vision system?

How do I find the right lighting for my vision system? 

Our expert Thies Moeller explains the major factors of good lighting.

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