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BSL Foil bracket set Flatdome-200x300 - Lighting Accessories

Practical bracket set for Basler Standard Light Flatdome-200x300 to easily attachment of diffuser or polarizer foils.

This bracket set is the perfect match for your Basler Standard Light to enable quick and easy adjustment of the light.

The drill holes for attaching the bracket set are already be in place on the respective Basler Standard Light.

We also offer optical foils for various applications to match the holders and lighting types.

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Lighting Accessories - BSL Foil bracket set Flatdome-200x300
  • Lighting Accessories - BSL Foil bracket set Flatdome-200x300

General Information

Order Number 2200001097
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Series Production now
Manufacturer Basler
Lighting Accessories Type Bracket

Lighting Accessories

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acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) acA1920-25gc (CS-Mount) GigE
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acA2440-35um acA2440-35um USB 3.0
acA4024-8gm acA4024-8gm GigE
acA2000-340kc acA2000-340kc Camera Link
acA1300-200um acA1300-200um USB 3.0
acA4112-20uc acA4112-20uc USB 3.0
acA2000-340km acA2000-340km Camera Link
acA4096-40uc acA4096-40uc USB 3.0
acA5472-5gm acA5472-5gm GigE
acA2000-50gm acA2000-50gm GigE
acA1920-25um acA1920-25um USB 3.0
acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) acA2000-50gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1920-150uc acA1920-150uc USB 3.0
acA1280-60gm acA1280-60gm GigE
acA2040-180kmNIR acA2040-180kmNIR Camera Link
acA1600-20gc acA1600-20gc GigE
acA3800-14uc acA3800-14uc USB 3.0
acA1920-48gm acA1920-48gm GigE
acA640-120uc (CS-Mount) acA640-120uc (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
acA800-510uc acA800-510uc USB 3.0
acA4112-30um acA4112-30um USB 3.0
acA1920-40gc acA1920-40gc GigE
acA2040-25gm acA2040-25gm GigE
acA4112-20um acA4112-20um USB 3.0
acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1300-60gmNIR acA1300-60gmNIR GigE
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acA1920-25gm acA1920-25gm GigE
acA2440-35uc acA2440-35uc USB 3.0
acA2440-20gm acA2440-20gm GigE
acA2500-20gm acA2500-20gm GigE
acA2000-340kmNIR acA2000-340kmNIR Camera Link
acA2040-90umNIR acA2040-90umNIR USB 3.0
acA800-510um acA800-510um USB 3.0
acA2040-180km acA2040-180km Camera Link
acA1920-40gm acA1920-40gm GigE
acA2040-120uc acA2040-120uc USB 3.0
acA1300-75gm acA1300-75gm GigE
acA2000-50gc acA2000-50gc GigE
acA800-200gc acA800-200gc GigE
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acA1920-40um acA1920-40um USB 3.0
acA2500-14gm acA2500-14gm GigE
acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) acA2500-14gm (CS-Mount) GigE
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acA2000-165uc acA2000-165uc USB 3.0
acA2500-14um (CS-Mount) acA2500-14um (CS-Mount) USB 3.0
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acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) acA1300-60gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1600-20uc acA1600-20uc USB 3.0
acA5472-17uc acA5472-17uc USB 3.0
acA2040-25gmNIR acA2040-25gmNIR GigE
acA1920-48gc acA1920-48gc GigE
acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) acA640-120gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA1920-50gm acA1920-50gm GigE
acA640-120uc acA640-120uc USB 3.0
acA1300-75gc acA1300-75gc GigE
acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) acA640-90gc (CS-Mount) GigE
acA2500-14gc acA2500-14gc GigE
acA1440-220uc acA1440-220uc USB 3.0
acA2040-55uc acA2040-55uc USB 3.0
acA2040-35gc acA2040-35gc GigE
acA1600-60gc acA1600-60gc GigE
acA1920-155um acA1920-155um USB 3.0
acA2040-35gm acA2040-35gm GigE
acA2500-14uc acA2500-14uc USB 3.0
acA720-290gc acA720-290gc GigE
acA640-120gc acA640-120gc GigE
acA3800-10gm acA3800-10gm GigE
acA3800-14um acA3800-14um USB 3.0
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