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Framegrabber – Control Center of the Vision System

Transfer large amounts of data in real time

Frame grabbers serve as one of the core components for robust, high-speed image acquisition and processing as well as signal control. The core technology of the boards are FPGA processors, which unload computer resources by enabling parallel, high-performance image data processing in real time. Combined with its high bandwidths, this technology is best suited for industrial image processing. In many different industries, frame grabbers allow the most demanding inspection tasks to be realized cost-effectively.

For technologies like deep learning, we offer specific frame grabbers that can handle bandwidths up to 50 Gbps.

Image preprocessing on the frame grabber accelerates computationally intensive algorithms, improving the application performance and reducing the CPU load. Increasing the data throughput ensures image data is efficiently processed with very high resolution and it enhances the accuracy and robustness of image analysis. This enables, for example, Deep Learning with customized neural networks (CNNs) on our frame grabbers.

All frame grabbers are developed by our Mannheim, Germany office (formerly Silicon Software).

Graphical FPGA programming

FPGAs are programmable with VisualApplets. This enables in-house software programmers with no special hardware programming knowledge to functionally extend and continuously improve frame grabbers, even after delivery and while in operative use.

Likewise, the range of functions of cameras and other vision devices can be flexibly adapted in a short period of time (VisualApplets Embedder).


  • High-performance image acquisition and processing cards for the most common interfaces
  • FPGA processing with high-level language
  • Data reduction and reduced CPU load thanks to effective image preprocessing
  • High data rates and resolutions are possible, with bandwidths up to 50 Gbps
  • Minimal latencies through image and signal processing in real time
  • Variant signal controls between frame grabber and surrounding equipment (cameras, lighting, encoder ...)
  • Adaptable component for use in any image processing application

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