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Traffic safety laws are not easy to enforce. Drivers dominate the streets, and the safety of unprotected traffic participants such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists are often endangered. Enforcement solutions exist not just to catch offenders, but also to raise public awareness about rules and promote greater compliance with road safety standards and regulations. The uppermost goal is always to prevent serious traffic accidents and to save lives.

Detailed image and video material are mandatory for use as legally admissible evidence. For this reason, red light enforcement systems with multiple cameras for example are used to document the violation gaplessly, with a separate individual image for the license plate and driver, as well as an accompanying video stream.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Speed enforcement
  • Red light enforcement
  • Illegal use of bus and carpool lanes
  • Illegal lane shifts
  • Passing of stopped school buses

Camera series suitable for use in Enforcement applications

Basler ace camera

Basler ace: Compact and flexible

  • High-sensitivity sensors with various resolutions
  • Monochrome, color or NIR variants with global shutter
  • Multiple AOIs (Areas of Interest)
  • Different image settings through Sequencer Acquisition Mode

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Basler IP cameras

Basler IP cameras: Full HD resolution and Sony IMX174 sensor

  • Multi-streaming (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)
  • Real-time trigger for parallel capture of individual still images (MJPEG/YUV) and videos
  • Global shutter
  • High sensitivity

Get to know the Basler IP camera series!

Basler beat camera

Basler beat: High-resolution camera with ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor

  • High-resolution 12 MP sensor
  • Compact and robust housing for simple integration
  • High-bandwidth connection for maximum scanning speed with Camera Link

Get to know the Basler beat camera series!

An overview of our Basler cameras for Enforcement applications can be found here.

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