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Retail requires reliable camera technology. Basler cameras can be used in various ways, such as in self check-out systems, reverse vending machines or automated teller machine (ATM). Basler cameras also support the detection of customer numbers and -behavior.

Automated Retail Systems

Automated retail systems directly support the end user during the sales process and simplify shopping and paying. Examples are money machines, kiosk systems or also so-called check-out solutions in supermarkets. Digital image processing is used in these systems in order to support the interaction with the customer and, if necessary, to check and monitor the issuing of goods. Machines for the return of items such as deposit bottles, are also part of automated retail systems. Various digital cameras are used in all of these devices, which must fulfill particular requirements.



Basler cameras in ATMs monitor cash withdrawals and effectively help to prevent fraud (skimming).

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Check-Out Systems

Check-Out Systems

In check-out systems, Basler cameras detect bar codes on the goods or recognize products directly.

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Reverse Vending Machines

Reverse Vending Machines

Basler cameras are used in reverse vending machines to identify the empty goods being returned.

Reverse Vending Machines
Vending Machine

Vending Machines/Kiosk Systems

Vending machines and kiosks with Basler cameras issue merchandise reliably and serve to identify and guide customers.

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Recognition & Counting

In shops or shopping malls, it is often important to understand how many customers are present in the business or location and where they are going. With the help of digital cameras, store operators determine where they should place certain items to effectively target customers. Access can additionally be monitored by automated head count, solely using cameras.

For the logistics of goods, inventory-on-hand at a business is important information. Cameras can help here, for example in supermarkets, to assess the fill level of shelves.



Basler cameras enable identification based on biometric face points for personalized information, corporate access control systems, and airport border control.

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People Counting

People Counting, Tracking & Profiling

With the aid of Basler cameras, visitor data and statistics can be recorded to optimize advertising and store fittings.

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Shelf Inspection

Shelf Inspection

Basler cameras support recognition of the fill level of shelves. They detect the stock so that the customer is always offered full shelves.

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