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Superior Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

Long-lasting digital cameras with highest reliability and outstanding image quality

Basler digital cameras offer superior image quality in real time, along with excellent color rendering, color fidelity and a high dynamic range. These are the requirements for the reproducible, highly detailed observation, differentiation and analysis of the finest structures in materials or biological samples.

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Our Basler cameras for the Medical & Life sciences market are produced according to ISO 13485:2016 and thus offer you numerous advantages for the documentation and preparation to get your medical products certified. Consisting of hardware, software and firmware functions, our feature sets offer you camera recommendations for Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Low Light Imaging, High Speed, Industrial Excellence and Easy Compliance.

For precise image acquisition in microscopy, the Basler PowerPack with professional microscopy software is also available to you, along with all components for convenient system setup and a simple installation.

Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

Basler Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences
Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

Basler PowerPack for Microscopy

Basler PowerPack for Microscopy
Basler PowerPack for Microscopy


Modern image processing is an essential part of medicine, medical technology, and life science. Reliable machine vision cameras find profitable use not only in manufacturing of medical products, components and equipment for medical technology. Digital image acquisition and processing also offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for investigating, analyzing and diagnosing illnesses. Moreover, digital camera technology supports the most diverse forms of treatment and enables it to be monitored reliably.

Superior Performance with Basler Feature Sets for Medical & Life Sciences

Basler Feature Sets for Medical & Life Sciences

With 30 years of experience, Basler is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality digital cameras. Our feature sets combine standard and patented Basler features into high-performance and solution-oriented packages.

A camera module is qualified for a category through at least one of the stated hardware, software and firmware features. Select your cameras based on our recommendations for Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Low Light Imaging, High Speed, Industrial Excellence and Easy Compliance and achieve optimal results with such features as Basler’s 6-axis operator, PGI or the Color Calibrator.

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Quality at Basler

Benefit From Clearly Defined Quality Standards!

ISO 13485:2016

We have proven our high quality standards for the development, production, sales and service of selected digital cameras with the certification according to ISO 13485:2016. For you, this means: consistency, reliability and quality.

Whether you want to operate internationally or expand locally: The quality management standards implemented for the ISO 13485 certification can help you reduce the enormous effort to document and prepare for the certification of your own medical products or that of other products with similar requirements.

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Quality Standard

Quality is a top priority for Basler: No other manufacturer of industrial cameras uses such comprehensive quality assurance measures to ensure the reliably high performance of its products and, along with it, great customer satisfaction. Basler’s excellent reputation for quality speaks for itself.

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Trends and Challenges

Switching Sensor Technology from CCD to CMOS

It’s a matter of time that the Medical & Life Sciences market will also switch from CCD to CMOS sensor technology. We will assist you with our longstanding experience, in-depth technological expertise and our broad portfolio.

You can also read the advantages of CMOS sensor technology in our White Paper:
Modern CMOS sensors and their use in fluorescence-based applications

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CMOS sensors are the technology of the future for industrial cameras

We will show you the optimal CMOS alternative to your CCD sensor:

CCD Transition Advisor

Embedded Vision Technology

Due to a variety of new requirements, the Medical & Life Sciences market is undergoing profound changes, demanding new approaches in technology design. Embedded Vision helps manufacturers of medical products find the right combination of high performance, low costs, low electricity consumption and programmability. With a wide range of Embedded Vision products and longstanding experience in industrial camera design, Basler helps make innovative medical devices more robust, reliable, flexible and affordable.

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Visit our Vision Campus to learn about the advantages of this technology:
Medicine with Vision

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