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  • Software Development for Embedded Vision with pylon

    Developing embedded vision solutions sounds complicated – but it isn’t. In our video, Tom finds out that this is much easier than expected, thanks to the Basler pylon programming interface.

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  • Discover Embedded Vision

    Embedded Vision is a hot topic right now. Steve wants to get in on the fun too. Join him for his first embedded vision project

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Basler pylon Software for Embedded Vision Applications

Basler's tried-and-true pylon Camera Software Suite provides a user-friendly SDK suitable for use in embedded vision products. pylon's tremendous flexibility in terms of camera interfaces, supported operating systems and processor architectures helps keep things simple when migrating from standard to embedded technologies.

Basler also offers the pylon SDK for embedded platforms (ARM and x86), laying out everything needed for simple integration of the camera into applications: This includes drivers, sample program code, an API for C and C++ applications as well as user-friendly tools such as the pylon Viewer and comprehensive documentation.

Learn more here about pylon for Embedded Vision applications:

pylon Linux x86

pylon for Linux x86
pylon Linux ARM

pylon for Linux ARM

A Quick Overview of Benefits for pylon Software for Embedded Vision Applications

It doesn't matter which operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux (ARM), Linux (x86)) you use to create an application: pylon's cross-platform compatibility ensures that applications port easily from one operating system to another.

Uniform API
No matter which camera interface (GigE, USB 3.0, BCON for MIPI or BCON for LVDS) or for which Basler camera or camera module an application is being created: the pylon programming interface always looks the same. Converting a pylon-based application from one interface technology (such as USB 3.0) to another (such as BCON for MIPI) typically requires little, if any, change to the code.

Access to all camera features
pylon is based on GenICam technology. This ensures that pylon can always access all features on any Basler camera, without the need to update an existing pylon-based application to access the latest camera functionality.

Investment security
At the API level, even the latest pylon versions are nearly 100% compatible with the very first version of pylon, not to mention all those in between. All that's generally needed to update an older application to the latest pylon version so that it can use new pylon features is a recompilation of the existing code.

Easy camera evaluation and application development for embedded vision applications
When it comes to software development, ARM-based embedded applications that depend on BCON for MIPI camera interfaces are typically more complex to design than versions for standard PC systems. It involves added time and cost that companies would rather save during the camera evaluation and application prototyping phases of a software project. pylon, however, makes it possible to evaluate cameras on a standard Windows PC using a plug-and-play interface (such as USB 3.0) and to develop an applications prototype. The prototype can then later be ported with little extra effort using pylon to work on an embedded system (Linux ARM), such as via a BCON camera interface.

We’d Be Glad to Help You

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We’d Be Glad to Help You

We’d Be Glad to Help You

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Help with Integration and Design

Help with Integration and Design

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Brochure - Embedded Vision

Brochure - Embedded Vision

Here you can find our brochure on Basler’s portfolio for embedded vision systems.


Embedded Vision

Embedded Vision

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Technical information

BCON - Basler's interface for Embedded Vision

BCON - Basler's interface for Embedded Vision

Basler's interface for MIPI CSI-2 or LVDS based Embedded Vision Systems.

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