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Mindblowing: Basler dart with BCON for MIPI Interface

Get to know our new camera module: the Basler dart is now also available with BCON for MIPI interface, allowing for the leanest embedded vision systems without compromises in image quality.

With the BCON for MIPI interface Basler integrates complex MIPI technology into the world of Machine Vision standards (GenICam) and brings the proven Machine Vision features to embedded vision technology.

Performance - Outstanding…

The dart camera module with BCON for MIPI interface pursues the path of efficiency in a notably consequent way: for the first time, a Basler camera is making use of the unmatched Image Signal Processors (ISP) of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs.

All other Basler camera modules come with their own ISP as part of their hardware and firmware. This gives them the flexibility to be operated on any target platform, as image preprocessing is already performed on the camera side. This approach, however, is not the leanest one. As most SoCs provide a dedicated hardware block for image preprocessing why not make use of it and eliminate a costly hardware block on the camera side?

This way, the dart with BCON for MIPI interface enables lean embedded systems without compromising image quality.

… Ease of Integration - MINDBLOWING

Not only does the dart with BCON for MIPI interface bring the Machine Vision features and standards into the complex MIPI technology, but it also offers an unmatched ease of integration: Basler provides the needed Driver Package for the supported Snapdragon SoCs under Linux (Linaro).

This Driver Package includes the ISP logic, which now implements former camera firmware functionality on the Snapdragons Spectra™ ISP. The Driver Package also implements the interface to the pylon Camera Software Suite and thus provides the same level of convenience as for any non-embedded camera interface (e.g., USB 3.0, GigE).

Price - surprisingly low…

Starting from €49, the dart camera module allows for leanest embedded systems with Machine Vision standards and excellent image quality. The dart BCON for MIPI is equipped with a set of convenient Machine Vision features. Additional features are planned and will be distributed with newer releases.


Basler is a technology leader with 30 years of vision expertise. Our camera modules are reliable and long-lasting. This is why we offer a 3-year warranty on our dart camera modules. We believe in long-term product availability and long-term support for operating systems. And we offer comprehensive support and services: you can get service on demand by Basler‘s technical support and you also have a point of contact at your site via Basler’s worldwide network of offices.

Additionally, Basler’s Partner Network connects companies specializing in hardware, software, technology topics, and integration services to deliver embedded vision solutions for a variety of applications and markets, helping you to find the partners you need.

Highlights of the new dart with BCON for MIPI interface

  • Tailor-made for MIPI CSI-2 connections
  • Direct camera-to-processor connection via MIPI CSI-2 for data transfer and camera configuration without any overhead
  • 5 Megapixel, 60 fps, ON Semiconductor AR0521 sensor
  • Best price/performance ratio due to cost optimized design
  • Ready-to-use driver package for Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs under Linux (Linaro)
  • Fast and easy camera integration into the actual user application with only a few lines of code using the pylon SDK

  • Easy code migration thanks to GenICam compliance and thanks to the unified pylon SDK
  • Development kit with reference implementation available
  • Flexible flat flex cable and small connector for applications with the highest space constraints
  • Stable, reliable data transfer with a bandwidth of up to 750 MB/s

dart Camera Modules with BCON for MIPI Interface

Camera model Resolution (HxV) Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
daA2500-60mc 2560 px x 1920 px 60 fps Color BCON for MIPI

dart BCON for MIPI Development Kit

Model Camera Module Processor Interface
dart BCON for MIPI Development Kit Basler dart daA2500-60mc Snapdragon 820 BCON for MIPI

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