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ISO 13485:2016 for New Basler MED ace Camera Series for Medical & Life Sciences

ISO 13485:2016 for New Basler MED ace Camera Series for Medical & Life Sciences

Basler presents its first dedicated camera series for Medical & Life Sciences: the Basler MED ace. The series provides a speed of up to 164 frames per second and will be enhanced with cameras with resolution of up to 20 MP. With Sony’s Pregius sensors and PYTHON sensors by ON Semiconductor, the small and light-weight cameras are equipped with the newest CMOS technology. They offer a compelling value proposition with pixel sizes up to 5.86 µm, low temporal dark noise down to 2e- and sensor sizes up to 1.1 inch.

With certification in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, Basler now provides additional quality standards for the development, production, distribution and service of digital cameras as well as for placing them on the market. International manufacturers of medical devices benefit from an effective quality management system with clearly defined standards. Reliable product quality due to validated and monitored production, traceability and comprehensive change management reduces effort required for audits, product documentation and support in complying with European standards.

Basler MED ace incorporates unique Basler MED feature sets: Easy Compliance, Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Low Light Imaging, High Speed and Industrial Excellence. They combine market-leading hardware, firmware and software features. Basler developed unique features specifically designed to address the high imaging demands in Medical & Life Sciences and to reduce customers’ development efforts. Basler’s 6 Axis Operator and the Color Calibrator Beyond provide full control of the image’s color appearance, which is highly relevant for applications in ophthalmology or microscopy. PGI as well as other new auto image functions bring supreme image quality out-of-the-box, now also for mono cameras.

Also creating high impact is the newest CMOS sensor technology, which delivers even better image quality at much lower costs than the discontinued CCD sensors. With 30 years of vision experiences, Basler offers the broadest camera portfolio of top-notch CMOS cameras to support the transition faced by medical device manufacturers.

Basler showcases its new Basler MED ace cameras and unique MED feature sets during the analytica show in Munich, Germany, on April 10th to 13th at booth A3/402A and at

Image caption: Basler MED ace Cameras

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