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BCON – Basler’s New Unique Interface for dart Camera Series

BCON – Basler’s New Unique Interface for dart Camera Series

BCON is a unique interface developed by Basler and connects to LVDS-based technology. In combination with the Basler dart board level camera, this new interface allows the leanest possible image processing, as well as the most optimized front-end and vision architecture for embedded vision applications.

The new BCON interface optimally positions experts in embedded vision technology to meet challenging requirements. Basler developed this unique interface to enable the leanest possible image processing through flexible and cost-saving attributes.

BCON connects to LVDS-based technology. LVDS – Low Voltage Differential Signaling – describes a standardized interface for high-speed data transfer, but does not define image transmission in detail. Therefore, BCON ensures reliable image data transfer while offering highest flexibility. Newest-generation FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) boards and SoCs (System on Chip) can be connected.

“BCON is ideal for many applications with digital image processing”, says Product Manager Dr. Thomas Rademacher. “It enables our customers to achieve the leanest integration of a camera into their embedded vision system.”

In combination with Basler’s board level camera dart, BCON provides ideal conditions for cost savings in setup and operation of vision systems. In particular, dart cameras can be used with an embedded processing board. Moreover, in- and output signals as well as power supply can be combined in a single flat flex cable. BCON also enables the developer of an embedded system to switch from one dart camera to another without additional integration costs or effort. Learn more at

The upcoming dart models with BCON interface also carry other benefits that appeal to embedded technology experts. A variety of dart camera configurations will be available, and the choices will not be limited by the lens mount, resolution, and speed provided by sensors from leading manufacturers. Basler’s dart offers the smallest dimensions (27 mm x 27 mm), low weight (15 g), minimum power consumption (1.2 W), and low heat generation features. In addition, Basler’s powerful in-camera image optimization PGI improves images at the full speed of the camera and without any additional processor load. This highly cost-optimized design creates an affordable camera that can cut imaging system costs significantly.

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