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Basler Presents New 1GigE and 10GigE Interface Cards

Basler Presents New 1GigE and 10GigE Interface Cards

Ahrensburg (Germany), November 24, 2020 – Basler AG is launching seven additional interface cards with GigE Vision interface under its own brand name, which will significantly expand the existing portfolio. The interface cards with 1GigE, 1GigE PoE (Power over Ethernet), and 10GigE have one to four ports, making it possible to implement a wide variety of multi-camera systems. Additional switches can be used to add more cameras for even more applications in a network, each capable of transmitting the full data bandwidth.

The GigE interface cards are required if the PC used has only a single LAN port, which is occupied by the machine controller, for example, or does not have a PoE function for the power supply. The interface cards are divided into Standard and Premium product lines. The Standard cards are designed for robust image acquisition and are divided into 1GigE cards with 1, 2 and 4 ports and 10GigE cards with 1 port. The Premium cards for more demanding applications include 1GigE PoE cards with 1, 2 and 4 ports and integrated power supply over the same data cable via Power over Ethernet. The Premium cards simplify cabling, saving you money for this and any subsequent troubleshooting.

The interface cards are suitable for various application scenarios with numerous GigE cameras in multi-camera setups. For example, up to ten 1GigE cameras can be connected to a single-channel 10GigE interface card with a corresponding switch.

The new interface cards use MAC addresses from the same address space as the Basler cameras and can therefore be clearly assigned to only one manufacturer. This has advantages when managing networks, e.g., to restrict or limit traffic to devices for security purposes or better administration (MAC address filtering).

In addition, vision-specific settings in the pylon SDK were taken into account for the new interface cards, which increases their performance.

Basler now offers a broad portfolio of interface cards for the GigE Vision, USB 3.0, and CoaXPress 2.0 camera interfaces. For more information, please visit .

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