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Stereo Vision System Works with Basler dart USB 3.0 Cameras

Stereo Vision System Works with Basler dart USB 3.0 Cameras

Nerian Vision Technologies has developed a solution for 3D depth detection, the SP1 box. It works with two Basler dart USB 3.0 cameras . The combination of the box and the cameras enables you to build your stereo vision system easily and flexibly.

The SP1 box is an embedded processing system based on FPGA-technology and hardware implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms. It uses two Basler dart cameras which are mounted at slightly different viewing positions. Similar to the human visual system, the SP1 is able to calculate the depth information of the observed scene by use of the images from both cameras.

Why Basler dart?

“The integration of Basler's SDK, the Basler pylon camera software suite, in our stereo vision system was very easy. With pylon the user can control the threading process which is important in embedded systems, where the computing power is low. As a result, reliable timing can easily be achieved,” states Dr. Konstantin Schauwecker, CEO at Nerian Vision Technologies.

As well, the Basler dart camera is a great low-cost camera option and is thus particularly applicable to cost-sensitive projects. Different depth map resolutions and frame rates can be achieved depending on the selected Basler dart camera model and lens.

The whole solution can be used for situations such as the automated inspection of manufactured parts, or for mobile service robots that need to navigate in an unknown or changing environment.

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