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Boost Your Speed with New CXP-12 Solutions

Boost Your Speed with New CXP-12 Solutions

Eight new models in the boost camera series for particularly fast applications complement the extensive range of CXP-12 cameras and components in Basler's CXP-12 galaxy. The single- and dual-channel cameras take full advantage of the IMX535, IMX536 and IMX537 global shutter CMOS sensors (Sony 4th generation Pregius S) and the IMX421 (Sony 3rd generation sensor) with frame rates up to 400 fps at full resolution. With resolutions of up to 12 MP, the cameras deliver a very good price/performance ratio and reduced costs for the overall system with a suitable interface card and other accessories. We are the first company to offer CoaXPress 2.0 cameras with all high-speed variants of the Sony Pregius S sensors.

When setting up high-speed applications, users benefit from precisely matched and compatible vision products from a single source, and thus from reduced integration time. These include cameras, lenses, interface cards, frame grabbers, cables, lighting and other components. New additions to the CXP-12 portfolio include:

  • boost cameras with the Sony IMX535, IMX536, IMX537 and IMX421 sensors with up to 400 fps (monochrome and color) for higher data throughput and increased productivity of your system
  • Evaluation kits suitable for the cameras for a quick test and integration phase
  • 20 and 30 meters, optionally-drag-chain-compatible data cables

The high-speed cameras are ideal for inspecting electronic components and semiconductors, as well as for applications such as 3D AOI/SPI, traffic technology (ITS) and fast process automation such as sorting tasks.

The launched CXP-12 products run the pylon Camera Software Suite as SDK platform, which supports multi-card and multi-camera applications. For this purpose, our CXP-12 interface cards with 1, 2 and 4 channels have been developed directly for the boost cameras and are available in combination with them at a particularly attractive all-inclusive price. Configurations with several cameras, including a combination of monochrome and color sensors, can thus be achieved. This ensures an optimal system setup according to requirements. In contrast to 10GigE systems, the maximum performance of the CMOS sensors can be exploited through scaling effects.

Upgrade to the new sensors now!

  • Perfect system upgrade: With 2 x CXP-12 and the IMX535, for example, you can optimize your 12 MP system (CXP 1.1.1 and CMV12000 sensor) for better image quality with the latest vision standards
  • Upgrade from Camera Link or CoaXPress 1.1.1 to CXP 2.0 for a leaner system with reduced hardware and low integration effort

The reduced system complexity and compatible CXP-12 components result in fast implementation and a very good price/performance ratio with reduced overall costs. The combination of multichannel boost camera and CXP-12 interface card is particularly price-attractive.

Learn more about the entire CoaXPress portfolio of our CXP-12 galaxy, about specific use cases and their example configurations in the Vision System Configurator on our overview page . If you have any questions or requests, our sales team will be happy to advise you!

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