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9 Feb 2021

blaze RGB-D: Color 3D Point Clouds with Basler blaze

blaze RGB-D: Color 3D Point Clouds with Basler blaze

The appearance of objects under infrared illumination can differ from their appearance in visible light. Our Application Note describes how to combine the depth data from the Basler blaze 3D ToF camera with color data from a Basler 2D camera. By means of this joint camera system, data from the point cloud of a Basler blaze camera is merged with real-life RGB data with the aim of forming a single, combined data set. Mounting brackets, that can be 3D printed, are available for different Basler 2D cameras.

This data fusion has several advantages: Adding high-resolution 2D images to 3D applications can improve pattern recognition or object detection algorithms. It’s also easier to analyze fine structures such as bar codes or labels in a higher-resolution color image. In addition, the neural networks used in machine learning are usually trained on color data in the visible range. Combining a high-resolution color image of the scene with the depth image can also support image processing and interpretation. A number of use cases may benefit from the data fusion techniques described in this Application Note .

Are you interested in a RGB-D solution as described? Find out more on our 3D vision product page .

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