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7 Jun 2022

New: Hardware Trigger in Basler blaze 3D ToF Camera

New: Hardware Trigger in Basler blaze 3D ToF Camera

In the course of the latest update, we have equipped our 3D Time-of-Flight camera blaze with the Hardware Trigger feature. In contrast to triggering via software settings, with the hardware trigger the image acquisition and exposure are started by an electrical signal, triggered--for example--by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a light barrier. This electrical signal is fed directly to the trigger input, where it triggers the exposure with virtually no delay. Thanks to this low latency, image acquisition can be controlled even more precisely.

"Frame active" is another new functionality of the blaze 3D camera's new digital output. In a multi-camera system, this output can be used as a trigger input for a second camera. If more than two cameras are used, "Frame active" can be used to cascade the interaction of all cameras. This ensures that all cameras trigger one after the other seamlessly and without any loss of time, without interfering with one another.

For applications that require precise synchronization of image acquisition, such as picking tasks on conveyor belts, the hardware trigger is a valuable feature.

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