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29 Feb 2016

And the Winner Is… PGI

And the Winner Is… PGI

All new ace models with sensors of the Sony Pregius series as well as PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor come with Basler's new PGI feature set.

PGI is a powerful in-camera image optimization that improves your images at the full speed of the camera. Thus, you get the best pictures directly from your camera without putting additional load on your processor.

PGI consists of a unique combination of features, including Improved Sharpness, Denoising, Color-Anti-Aliasing and 5x5 Debayering.

The side-by-side comparison of images speaks for itself: With the unique combination of these powerful features, PGI adds real value to your ace cameras.

The PGI feature set not only allows a clearer display in color transitions and eliminates artifacts (5x5 Debayering), it also corrects color distortions (Color Anti-Aliasing), removes aliasing effects and improves image sharpness (Improved Sharpness). Beyond this, PGI prevents noise formation from the start (Denoising) and additionally active noise filtering can be applied to further reduce the noise level.

In addition to the new ace models , the PGI feature set is also available in all dart and pulse cameras.

Another benefit: The pylon Camera Software Suite provides an easy way to activate the PGI features and adjust them optimally to your needs.

More information can also be found on our PGI website .

If you'd like to explore the functionality of the PGI feature set in greater detail, please read our White Paper.

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