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New Basler Sales Channel Partner for Benelux

Customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg are getting a new Sales Channel Partner: fortop automation & energy control b.v. is one of the region's leading suppliers of components for industrial automation and will serve users from Basler products beginning in January 2022. more


Basler Acquires Two Korean Distributors at the Same Time: DATVISION and IOVIS

Computer vision expert Basler acquires its two long-standing Korean trading partners DATVISION and IOVIS and thus expands its direct business in Asia. The acquisitions are an important step in the company's growth strategy. more


Year-End Showcase: Basler with Innovations at Taipei Automation 2021

Basler will present innovative solutions that moves the vision industry forward at the delayed Taipei Automation 2021 in December. more


New pylon version 6.3 with multi-channel CXP-12 support!

The new pylon 6.3.0 for Windows and Linux comes to empower the use of new boost cameras with 2 x CXP-12 interface. In combination with the new CXP-12 Interface Cards 2C/4C offering 2 and 4 channels, pylon enables the smooth and easy realization of multi-camera CXP applications now. more


Out Now: The New Streamlined S-mount Lenses with Full Focus, Perfect Fit for All Basler dart Cameras

With a total of eight new streamlined S-mount lenses, all Basler dart models are now covered with a perfectly matching lens. They offer the same performance and versatility as previous S-mount lenses but provide the advantage that you now save time and costs in the search. You get the camera and a matching lens from one single source, at a good price/performance ratio with short delivery times. more


Smart Healthcare Led by Vision: Basler at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan

Basler will show vision solutions what moves the healthcare industry forward at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan from 2 to 5 December 2021. more


Good Images, Great Price: Gpixel

With high image quality and a starting price from €469, the 16 new ace 2 models with Gpixel's Global Shutter CMOS sensors in resolutions of 5 and 9 megapixels offer you just the right mix of performance and price. more


The Final Frontier: Our CXP 2.0 Galaxy Continues to Grow

Come with us to distant worlds and discover our CXP 2.0 galaxy. In it, the product portfolio is constantly growing – now also through multi-channel boost cameras and matching interface cards. Select the mutually compatible components for your next project and optimize your system costs. more


Application Note: Temperature Behavior and Heat Generation of ace 2 Cameras

Why do cameras get warm? What happens when they do? How does the ace 2 camera behave when the temperature rises and what options are there to avoid exceeding heat limits? more


CXP 2.0 Galaxy on Growth Track – News in Webcast

The product portfolio in our CXP 2.0 galaxy is growing steadily, with particular attraction: New CXP-12 boost cameras with exactly matching accessories. For your next project, you will obtain all CXP-12 components including software directly from us. Watch the webcast to learn how you can benefit! more


The New VisualApplets 3.3 Is Available Now!

VisualApplets 3.3 convinces with a number of innovations. A total of six new operators enable more efficient design techniques and improve maintainability. The new histogram and line profile functions simplify the evaluation of image quality. more


Detecting Small Barcode Labels on Large Areas

Data matrix and bar codes are used in logistics for product tracking. To find and decode these on large packages and the packages contained within, the CXP-12 boost camera with 45 MP resolution and a large field of view of 2 x 1 meter combined with the single-channel interface card is a good choice. more


Automated Vial Inspection with Basler Cameras: a COVID-19 Vaccine Safeguard

Automated vial inspection systems monitor the production quality of vaccines, thus playing a crucial role in providing maximum product safety. Learn how vision inspection technology helps to prevent defects, improves quality and throughput. more


A New Dimension for pylon

One software suite for all Basler cameras, true to the motto "one fits all": now Basler's 3D cameras can also benefit from all the advantages of the popular Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. more


ace 2 with New 5-12 MP Pregius S BSI Sensors from Sony

Reinforcement in the midfield - the ace 2 camera series gets a powerful addition: with the new BSI sensors IMX545, IMX546 and IMX547 from Sony's Pregius S series, Basler expands its ace 2 portfolio by 24 models with resolutions of 5, 8 and 12 megapixels. Make your system future-ready! more


Basler Receives Certificate as Family-friendly Employer

Basler AG is awarded the audit berufundfamilie certificate for the fourth time. The company sees an attractive and family-friendly working environment as part of its growth strategy. more


Member of the Basler Management Board Arndt Bake Elected to EMVA Board of Directors

Arndt Bake, responsible for Digital (CDO) and Innovation (CIO) in the Basler Management Board, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and is looking forward to driving and actively shaping the topic of computer vision from this position as well. more


Panel Discussion “Machine Vision in a Global Pandemic”

Basler CEO Dr Dietmar Ley will participate in the panel discussion "Machine Vision in a Global Pandemic: Impact and Opportunity" with other industry leaders during the EMVA Business Conference 2021 on 10 and 11 June. Register now! more


On the Winner's Podium: Basler SLP Lighting Solutions

In the Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards, Basler and CCS Inc. have been honored with the silver medal for their intelligent lighting solutions and the Basler SLP feature. more


Efficient Warehouse Management: Saving Costs with Rapid Pallet Trackers and Basler ace Cameras

In warehouses, goods are often moved very quickly on forklifts. To ensure that they are tracked using barcode labels, fast and robust technology with high acquisition and recognition performance must be chosen to reliably record the data. Artemis Vision relies on our Basler ace camera for image acquisition of the barcode data. more


Vision Campus: Easy Color Calibration of Cameras

Accurate color reproduction in images is essential in many medical applications to make correct diagnoses. To ensure that images are represented in reproducible colors, the cameras used should undergo a color calibration. With a color calibrator, this can be done in seconds. more


Basler Wins Axia Best Managed Companies Award Again

Basler AG repeatedly convinced the jury with top-class management. more


Synchronous in 3D: Multi-Camera Channel Feature in blaze ToF Camera

Simultaneous interaction of multiple transport and image processing systems in an immediate spatial environment: indispensable when using autonomously driving vehicles in logistics applications and trouble-free thanks to the new Multi-Camera Channel feature in the Basler blaze 3D camera. more


A Singular CXP-12 Harmony – New High Resolution boost Cameras with Interface Card as Bundle

The boost bundle is the perfect solution for your CXP-12 image processing system. As an ideal complement to our new Basler boost cameras with fast and high-resolution CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor's XGS series, we also offer each of these CXP 2.0 cameras bundled with the specially developed CXP-12 Interface Card 1C. With this particularly harmonious interaction of both components, you benefit from smooth integration and gain a noticeable cost advantage. With the boost bundle, you get optimally matched components to simplify your hardware setup for your demanding CXP-12 image processing system from a single source supplier. more


Merger of Silicon Software GmbH with Basler AG

The companies complete merger and expand product areas frame grabber and VisualApplets under Basler brand. more


Basler to Showcase its Innovative Vision Solutions at KIAE 2021

Basler’s on-site experts will display its vision solutions built for collaboration, efficiency and accuracy at the Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition more


Basler and Amazon Web Services Expand Strategic Cooperation

Basler announces new AI machine vision platform based on the AWS Panorama Device SDK enabling applications such as Amazon Lookout for Vision. more


Strong Annual Result for 2020 and Positive Outlook for 2021

Basler looks back on a successful 2020 despite pandemic uncertainties. The recently published annual report shows annual sales of 170.5 million euros and a 12% pre-tax return. We have also made a very good start to 2021 and are confident of achieving sales of between €190 million and €210 million this year. more


Vision Campus Video: Expert Tips to Find the Right Lens for a Vision System

The challenge when choosing a lens for your vision system is to correctly balance between the required imaging performance for the task, and the price. In the new Vision Campus video, our expert Thies Moeller gives tips on what to look for when deciding on a lens. more


pylon Release 6.2.0 Supports New Basler boost Camera Models

Our pylon Camera Software Suite is now available in its new version for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Effective immediately, this release offers support primarily for the new Basler boost camera models. more


Basler Rethinks Embedded Vision: Processing Board for Flexible Vision Applications Announced

As a product highlight at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, we are presenting an in-house developed embedded Processing Kit that is optimized for flexible use in vision applications. Due to its design for industrial use, the development kit can be used not only for prototyping but also in series production. more


OPC UA - A Unified Communication Protocol for Industry 4.0: What Role Does It Play for Computer Vision?

On our new web pages, we provide an overview of the OPC UA communication protocol and describe the advantages it offers, especially for computer vision applications. more


Vision Components on the Test Bench

Finding the right components for a vision system is crucial for the smooth operation of your application. An important aspect: Do these components also match your Basler camera in terms of quality? The strict quality requirements we place on our cameras apply to all components in the Basler portfolio. The Vision Solution Guide will help you make the right choice. See in the video how Sarah benefits from it. more


CoaXPress 2.0 in the Medical and Life Sciences Market

The CoaXPress 2.0 standard brings many advantages for the Medical and Life Sciences sector. Find out more in our White Paper, which has two application examples that show exactly what makes CoaXPress so interesting. more


blaze RGB-D: Color 3D Point Clouds with Basler blaze

The Basler blaze provides 3D point clouds in real time and an infrared intensity image of the scene. The point cloud represents the surface of an object as seen by the camera. In some applications, however, it may be desirable to have additional high-resolution color data. Our Application Note explains how a Basler blaze 3D ToF camera can be combined with a Basler 2D color camera to generate a color point cloud, which can facilitate understanding of the 3D scene, especially for human users. more


Select Lenses Like an Expert: Interview Partners Wanted!

Help shape the tools of tomorrow! We are looking for interview partners for an open innovation project on the topic of lens selection. more


Vision Campus: Cameras for Fluorescence Microscopy

When choosing a camera for fluorescence microscopy, a balance must be found between certain sensor properties, camera-related issues and the needs of the intended applications in science, medicine or industry. At Vision Campus, we show you what to look for. more


Vision Campus - What is the Role of Software in Image Processing?

Follow the path of an image during digital image processing and find out which software functions are at work and at which point. more


See the Difference: Six New boost Camera Models with Sensors of the XGS Series from ON Semiconductor

New in our portfolio are six boost camera models with high-resolution CMOS sensors of the XGS series from ON Semiconductor, offering outstanding image quality. The new models complement our boost series for applications requiring high precision. more


Basler Expands Portfolio for NXP's i.MX 8M Plus Processor

In line with the announced availability of the i.MX 8M Plus applications processor from NXP® Semiconductors as well as their GA software release, Basler is expanding its compatible portfolio. more


Alitheon Software and Basler ace Give Identity to Components Without the Use of Labels or Markings

Progress in Factory Automation: With just a camera in the factory or in the field, Alitheon software verifies the identity and enables traceability for virtually any object using software algorithms. more


PC Cards for Multi-Camera Systems in Comparison

The White Paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of the common camera interfaces GigE, USB and CoaXPress with regard to multi-camera systems, defines the most advantageous interface for such systems, and discusses PC cards as the most important component in a multi-camera system. more


Alexander Temme Becomes New Chief Commercial Officer at Basler AG

After 15 years as CCO, John Jennings has asked the Supervisory Board not to renew his contract, which expired at the end of 2020. His successor is Alexander Temme, who has been an employee of Basler AG since 2002 and was previously responsible for the management of global sales. more

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