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Sustainability at Basler

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. In which countries does the Basler group employ how many people (at the end of fiscal year 2021)?

  • Germany: 705
  • China: 148
  • Singapore: 45
  • USA: 30
  • Taiwan: 24
  • Korea: 4
  • Japan: 4

2. What is the proportion of employees in Germany?

Approximately 73.4% (headcount), 72% (FTE)

3. How many permanent employees does the Basler group employ (excluding temporary employees and temps)?

901 (in full-time equivalents)

4. How many employees are currently covered by works agreements of the central works council?

684 (headcount)

5. How high is the wage gap between female and male employees in the Basler Group?

The wage gap in 2021 was -0.65% of female versus male employees, based on gross wages.
Methodology: The value currently refers to the wage gap of employees in Germany; with increasing integration of the foreign companies, these will also be included in the future. The remunerations are adjusted according to the share of working hours. Basler AG works with salary bands. For these, the tasks, requirements, and responsibilities of a group of employees with the same function are defined without considering a specific person or personal attributes. In this way, a gender-independent grouping in the salary bands is achieved. For our figure, the pay gap was determined separately for every salary band, from which the weighted average is calculated. Minor differences between genders can be based on the fact that an employee has been employed by the company for less than 2 years and has therefore not yet reached the final pay level, as well as on individual performance-related bonuses.

6. How much main processing material does the production of Basler AG consume (electronic components, metal, solder paste)?

About 53.47 tons: Weight of cameras sold worldwide about 48.79 tons, plus waste about 4.68 tons (electronic waste/residuals and solder paste).
All electronic waste is handled by certified recyclers, excess solder paste is reprocessed and goes back into production.

7. Has the Basler group violated any environmental laws or regulations in the past fiscal year and have provisions been made for possible penalties or fines?

The Basler group meets the highest environmental standards and complies with all laws and regulations. Since violations have neither occurred nor are expected, there are no proceedings against Basler and no provisions have been made for them.

8. How much electricity does the Basler Group consume?

All companies of the group consumed a total of approximately 2730 MWh of electricity in fiscal year 2021. The Ahrensburg location has by far the largest share of the total consumption with 2359 MWh. This involves 100% climate-neutral green electricity at the Ahrensburg site.

9. How much water does the Basler Group consume?

The production processes of Basler Group do not consume water. The total water consumption at the main site in Ahrensburg amounted to a total of 2854 m³ in the fiscal year 2021.

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