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Your career – your options

We’re always open to change and improvements, which is why we’re investing in our employees! Discover where you fit in best at our company, where you can develop professionally and personally and which career opportunities await you.

Here all employees can trust that we are investing in their development. We offer all employees the opportunity to continue learning internally and participate in training and development programs if they are interested.

You get an individual development plan that also shows the opportunities you will have throughout the company. Then we provide specific support.

Your opportunities

  • Independent study, on-the-job training and specific courses
  • Everything is regulated with a company agreement
  • Achievement controls ensure that you reach your objectives – these shouldn’t be confused with a performance review
  • You get support in reaching your development goals

Torben Deike - Product Manager

What was your career path at Basler?

I found Basler through a recommendation. First, I did an internship during the semester break. This went so well that I supplemented my studies by working in Controlling as a working student. Then I also completed my Master’s degree and was able to work part-time.In Controlling, I ultimately found my focus in marketing controlling.

Today you work as Product Manager. How did this 180-degree change come about?

When I worked with Product Management, I noticed how exciting this area is for me. In Controlling, I dealt more with the past than with the future. After I completed my Master’s degree, I had the desire to use my skills more in the direction of design and future topics. In 2018, I used the opportunity to develop towards a Product Manager role. My broad company knowledge and analytical skills are in great demand here. I applied and Basler put its trust in me.

Was it easy for you to switch?

Of course, any change is initially outside of your own comfort zone. That was also true for my switch. But I was well-prepared for my role thanks to numerous training courses and the strong support of my new team. It has also been very valuable to be accompanied by a coach in Product Management who answers my questions at any time. At some point, the pendulum swings the other way and you notice how you’re growing on a daily basis. And then it’s really fun :)

Management career

Do you want to take new paths and see your professional future in advancing to a management role? Our management development program takes several months and is available to you.

New managers can benefit from a specific training program with coaching, mentoring or a peer program that optimally prepares you for your new disciplinary tasks. As a prospective leader, you can familiarize yourself with new technical or management work on the basis of various tasks.

Your opportunities

  • develop technical, methodological, social and communicative skills
  • attain new professional perspectives
  • realize your personal development goals

Silke Trojette - Group Leader Software Development

What was your career path at Basler?

I started as a System Developer in July 2013. During this time, I handled product development and maintenance and supported our key accounts with development tasks. It was a great time, but at some point, I realized that I wanted to advance. In 2018, I used the opportunity to apply for a position in specialized group management in Software Development. Since then, I have reinforced the team in host software development and I pitch in as much as I can. :)

Even if you weren’t a junior anymore, this was certainly a whole new challenge for you. Did Basler prepare you for this?

Basler offers a 3-day management seminar where you can work with other new leaders to determine what kind of manager you want to be and how you make that happen. Afterwards there are always supervisions, which isn’t only great for the learning process but also for networking with each other.

What do you consider good leadership?

A trusting relationship between employees and the manager is crucial. I always have an open ear for my team, regardless of whether their concerns are personal or professional. It’s essential to ensure the employees’ personal development. It’s also important to me that I don’t apply pressure. Everyone in the team should be able to make their own decisions and work on their own responsibilities. Sometimes you have team members who aren’t doing well, which can also occasionally affect their work.

How do you handle this as a manager?

Openly and in a trust-based way. No matter what happens, Basler extends a hand and develops a solution that helps. When it comes to interpersonal issues, we managers act as advisors and mediators. When it’s something personal, then you can help not just with conversations but also with additional solutions, such as external advice or a part-time arrangement.

Working at Basler

Admin & IT

Admin & IT

Naturally – our IT team plays a key role in the growth of Basler. And without the specialists from HR, Controlling and others who weave the threads in the background, nothing happens.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Our success greatly depends on the marketing of our products. When you join our communication and sales specialists, you will work in an international, creative and dynamic team.

R & D

R & D

We rely on a team that unites thinkers, researchers and visionaries and shares our joy in moving forward together. Even the smallest idea counts, because it can lead to great innovations. This is how we stay the global market leader.

Logistics & Production

Logistics & Production

Our production team also has fun at work – it’s no wonder, with such exciting products. We place the resulting logistics into the hands of experts we can rely on.

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

Then please send us a message. We’ll respond to your request as soon as we can.

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