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VisualApplets IDE Software License - VisualApplets

Simple programming of FPGA-based image processing devices

The IDE Standard license contains everything you need for straightforward FPGA programming of image processing devices. It is the fast and easy way to begin your image processing application.

The VisualApplets IDE license is available for purchase as a single-user or multi-user license. Developers and decision makers alike benefit from VisualApplets user-friendly interface and faster development times.

To get started, first download VisualApplets and install the software. Then you can immediately try VisualApplets in demo mode.

To test your FPGA designs, you can purchase a dongle and order a free VisualApplets IDE Evaluation License (20034). This allows you to test VisualApplets for 180 days.

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Graphic FPGA development environment VisualApplets

VisualApplets enables you to program FPGAs via dataflow models to intuitively create unique designs for complex image processing workflows in just a few steps. For more information about the features, visit Basler’s Product Documentation.

Design Creation
  • Creating designs with drag-and-drop
  • Dataflow-model design
  • Graphical GUI
  • Graphical image format configuration
  • Graphical operator configuration
  • Hierarchical structuring of designs
  • Signal processing for GPIO (trigger, light control, etc.)
  • User library feature
Design Simulation
  • High level simulation
  • Probing of intermediate simulation results
  • Sourcing of image data from disk
Design Validation
  • Design rules check
  • FPGA resource calculation
  • FPGA resource information for individual operators
Integration Support
  • Integration with Runtime Environment
  • Register control by software
  • SDK code generator
  • Xilinx FPGA build flow integration
Advanced Features
  • Custom operators protection mechanism
  • Operator library for in-hardware debugging
  • Parameter transformation and redirection
  • Scripting via Tcl commands
  • Tcl script collection feature
  • User library protection
  • VHDL import - custom operator designer
  • Compression operators
  • Blob (segmentation) operators

For developers

  • Reduce CPU load:
    FPGAs are upstream of the CPU and handle a variety of image processing tasks (image optimization, image analysis, creation of control signals).

  • Eliminates hardware programming:
    No VHDL skills are required, thanks to the intuitive graphic user interface.

  • Parameterization for runtime:
    When the FPGA design is created, it is possible to define which parameters can be changed for the runtime after the applet has been implemented.

  • Third party image processing tools:
    Convenient interfaces to image processing programs from third-party manufacturers.

For decision makers

  • Accelerated time-to-market:
    It is much faster to develop new applications with VisualApplets. In addition to straightforward dataflow-model design, the generated hardware code can be used in the target system immediately.
  • No personnel shortage:
    Software developers and application engineers alike can quickly learn to use VisualApplets thanks to the intuitive operation and design method. Interdepartmental teamwork functions help integrate hardware and software programmers into joint projects.
  • Fast return on investment:
    VisualApplets offers low initial investment costs and low maintenance costs since development projects can be adjusted continuously. High portability makes it possible to quickly switch to new hardware platforms.
  • Protection of intellectual property:
    The design of specially developed image processing solutions is categorically protected by a conversion into binary code. It is possible to prevent unauthorized use of applets by limiting the executability only to defined FPGAs.

A quick route to image processing applications with VisualApplets

When it was launched in 2006, VisualApplets received the International Vision Award. And for good reason:

  • Save time and money with over 80 directly implementable sample applications
  • Utilize the image processing library with over 200 operators
  • Create unique libraries for frequently used image processing steps or import them from existing hardware code
  • Graphically program and process data signals and connections to external interfaces (peripherals) to individualize trigger functions

Use advanced functions in VisualApplets

VisualApplets supports advanced functions that offer unique possibilities for design, debugging, and review of image processing applications.

Custom library

Import/export of the operator’s XML definition makes it possible to import and export individual custom operators. System builders continue to implement their knowledge and existing hardware code in the programming of the FPGAs. For example, to integrate an existing IP core into new applications in just a few steps. This significantly shortens the time to market of their products.

Debugging library

The expanded debugging capabilities include image analysis, image statistics, stream analysis, image flow control and monitoring, among others. The operators can be used to debug VisualApplets designs in real runtime as well as custom operators that are still in development. In the latter case, the debugging library makes it possible to analyze how new custom operators influence the designs.

Parameters library

Changes in the parameters of a VisualApplets design made by the system builder (even in protected hierarchical boxes) are consistently and automatically updated during runtime. This eliminates an elaborate and error-prone manual change of parameters throughout the whole design and/or the use of additional software. New values can also be calculated from different parameter values and transferred to other parameters throughout the entire design.

Tcl console

Complex processes, such as the simulation of thousands of images with different parameter settings, can be performed automatically via a script. It is also possible to connect external image processing software to easily transfer design parameters or images.

Segmentation / Classification

These operators are used to determine the position, surface area, shape, and scope of objects as well as the surrounding geometry (bounding box) after segmentation and object definition. Blob analysis is used for this purpose for one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) binary images.

Compression with scalable data rate

With VisualApplets JPEG compression, it is possible to reduce captured (and pre-processed) image data before transfer and storage on a PC—without loading the CPU. The JPEG operator compresses 8-bit grey images and 24-bit RGB color images with a variable image compression rate and scalable data rate in real time on the FPGA. High-speed applications can be implemented on fast camera interfaces.

Get more out of your image processing system

Our services range from comprehensive consulting to complete support with development tasks for customer-specific solutions.

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Import/export of custom operators
Import/export of custom operators
Automated simulation of thousands of images with the Tcl console
Automated simulation of thousands of images with the Tcl console
Blob analysis for one- and two-dimensional binary images
Blob analysis for one- and two-dimensional binary images

Interested in more information about VisualApplets? Additional materials are available, including product documentation, articles, and brochures.

VisualApplets - User Manual
Basler Product Documentation

More articles and brochures are also available in the download section.

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